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120 t Telescopic Crawler Crane from Sennebogen

STRAUBING/GERMANY, November 13, 2014 - With the new Sennebogen 6113, the Lower-Bavarian crane manufacturer present its biggest telescopic crawler crane yet. 120 t safe working load, a proven boom concept, and the high level of flexibility characterize the new machine. With the 6113 the company extends the maximum safe working load of its telescopic cranes upwards by 50%.

With more than 20 years of experience with mobile and crawler telescopic machines, the manufacturer from Straubing has successfully established itself on the international market. Around the world, customers from the construction industry and crane rental companies trust the reliability of these telescopic cranes. Today with the current product range from 8 t to 80 t safe working load, Sennebogen already reliably covers an broad field of work applications, for which the telescopic crawler cranes, in particular, offer many advantages for the lifting, moving, and positioning of large loads. The new 6113 with a safe working load of 120 t is an extremely interesting solution for many crane rental companies and construction companies.

the new Sennebogen 611 R-HD telescopic crawler crane

With the new 6113 R-HD, Sennebogen presents its new telescopic crawler crane with a maximum 67 m reach and impressive maximum safe working load of 120 t. | photo: Sennebogen

Flexible and fast in use: Full-Power Boom

The key advantage of the machine is the strong telescopic boom. This is - as is the case for all machines of this series - designed as Full-Power boom. Thanks to multi-cylinder technology, this maintenance-free system enables continuous telescoping and is always friction-locked. The machine can be set to any desired boom length variably and quickly per joystick. This saves time and permits effective work, particularly when boom lengths alternate in implementation. For one-cylinder systems the boom elements must be individually bolted in a complex arrangement, with the 6113, the boom can work variably and quickly at any length.

Large work range thanks to excellent mobility

Thanks to a length of 40 m, the crane covers a large work area. With fly boom and lattice boom extensions boom heights up to 70 m are achieved. However the real implementation area of the machine becomes clear when the machine moves with 100% of the load and thus promptly serves ever expansive implementation sites.
Even in rough terrain, the Sennebogen 6113 is impressive with its excellent maneuverability. Tasks to max. 4 degree inclined position are possible; this can only be achieved through the particularly robust construction of the boom.

Minimal spatial requirements - versatile in implementation

In direct comparison with other crane concepts, telescopic crawler crane is also convincing in terms of space requirements and versatility. Particularly relative to AT and RT cranes, the telescopic crawler crane requires more than 30% less space, and thus demonstrates its advantages on narrow construction sites. Via the robust boom the machine has proven itself, not just as a crane with lifting tasks, but also in dynamic implementation, special underground engineering applications, and applications with hydraulically powered implements, such as vibrators. The implementation versatility is rounded out in combination with an elevating work platform with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1,000 kg. Thus the use range of the machine is extended with deployments in the areas of demolition and re-naturation, but also for maintenance and service tasks in each and every terrain.

Modern and clean engine technology - economical in consumption

As a telescoping crane of the new E-series, the 6113 meets TIER 4f emission standards thanks to the powerful 168 kW Deutz engine combined with a soot particle filter and a cutting-edge exhaust after treatment system. In addition, the machine offers significant energy savings in Eco Mode, operating at a reduced engine speed. The new Sennebogen Sencon control and diagnostics system offers a clear presentation of all operating parameters and easy, intuitive user control, as well as the ability to fine-tune machine performance and and easily and quickly process error messages. In addition, the load moment limitation system can be easily and reliably monitored.

In addition, the 6113  also sets standards in the areas of maintenance and ease of service. A central lubrication point for all pivot points and the slewing ring reduces the required amount of service effort, optimizes accessibility to service points and important components, and saves time is daily operation.