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25 Tonne Terex Crane for Australia’s first indigenous Lifting Company

PERTH/WESTERN AUSTRALIA,  August 26, 2013 – Established in May 2012, Koodaideri Contracting Services is Western Australia's first fully indigenous owned lifting company.  The company specializes in lifting, but also carries out other contracting work within the region’s rail and construction industries.

Koodaideri Contractin Services, Western Australia´s first indigenous owned lifting company

No worries on the job: Man and Machine in perfect balance, taking a break. | photo: Terex

Managing Director, Peter Todd, said, "As we were just becoming established we didn't want to go too big, too soon so we decided on a Terex® MAC 25 pick & carry crane because it was the right size for our needs.” Todd added, “With mobility as the primary requirement, we spent some time investigating the different cranes available in the market.  We work on construction sites and in mines with rough tracks and we needed a crane with the maneuverability to get to any of the lifting sites.” Beside its maneuverability, this construction machine convinced Todd with its smoothness of control, its sizeable carrying capacity and versatility.  “There is a lot of work in the gas pipeline construction business at the moment and we see potential for a crane of this size in our market,“ he said.
Koodaideri is also doing a lot of rail work which involves lifting 25-30 meter lengths of rails.  Therefore, they needed a crane that not only had the strength to lift the rails, but also had the strength to travel with its load.

About the Terex® MAC 25-3 pick & carry crane

As the most successful crane ever built in Australia, Terex pick & carry cranes live up to their name with the strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads, and articulated steering flexibility to move in tight spaces. Offering high road speeds to get to the jobsite quickly, their pick and carry capability on tires needs no outriggers to get set up and can work almost immediately. The Terex pick & carry crane range includes three models offering lifting capacities ranging from 15 to 25 tonnes (17-28 US tons) incorporating many features which enhance safety, driver ergonomics and improved machine operation. The new Terex MAC 25 SL superlift counterweight system is designed to provide additional lifting capacity to all current Terex MAC 25 pick & carry cranes and can be retrofitted onto earlier models to increase their lifting potential.