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A Herrenknecht Giant reaches its Target

SPARVO/ITALY, September 19, 2013 - “Martina”, the largest tunnel boring machine manufactured by Herrenknecht so far, finished her large-scale project in Italy with final breakthrough. The EPB Shield with a diameter of 15.55 meters produced the shell of the dual-tube Sparvo Tunnel between Bologna and Florence in about two years. This will relieve Autostrada A1 considerably from traffic in the future.

tunnel boring machine "Martina" from Herrenknecht finished project in Italy

Target reached: “Martina” completed her mission in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region after less than 24 months. | photo: Herrenknecht

The Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine needed about two years to construct the Sparvo Tunnel with its two parallel tubes of around 2.4 kilometers in length each. On July 29, 2013, the construction company TOTO Costruzioni Generali S.p.A. celebrated the final tunnel breakthrough with leading Italian politicians and numerous other guests. This meant that the Herrenknecht Earth Pressure Balance Shield “Martina”, with its shield diameter of 15.55 meters, is the largest tunnel boring machine in the world to successfully complete a project.
Since the start of tunnelling in August 2011, the entire world of tunnel construction has kept a close eye on the continuous project progress. In July 2012, contractor and client celebrated breakthrough of the first tube. Following a 180 degree turn of the TBM, including its back-up systems, “Martina” started the second drive at full steam at the beginning of December 2012.
In view of the expected mine gases, designers had equipped the machine with explosion protection. Together with the client, the local authorities and universities a sophisticated safety system had been developed. The entire belt conveyor on the tunnel boring machine has a double-walled casing and is pressurized so that the excavated material containing methane can be removed from the tunnel safely. In addition, fresh air was permanently fed into all areas of the TBM using an efficient ventilation system. Both the tightness of this casing and the gas concentration were monitored continuously.

celebration of "Martinas" brakthrough in Italy

The tunnel builders celebrated final breakthrough by the record TBM on July 29, 2013. | photo: Herrenknecht

The ring segments with their width of 2 meters and length of more than 4 meters were transported with an explosion-protected 24-wheel special vehicle from the Herrenknecht subsidiary Techni-Métal Systèmes. With a triple superstructure and a width of 2.5 meters, the multi-service vehicle is able to load a complete set of 10 segments. This provided the optimum supply of ring segments to the TBM with only one drive per segment ring.
The about 2.4 kilometer long dual-tube Sparvo tunnel will accommodate two lanes each, including a third emergency lane. As part of the “Variante di Valico” extension project, a busy section of the A1 highway between Bologna and Florence is being extended. This alternative will significantly reduce the travel time for up to 90,000 vehicles a day.