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Ammann’s Asphalt Mixing Plant for demanding Projects

LANGENTHAL/SWITZERLAND, October 17, 2013 - Ammann is focused on driving the further development of process engineering and process technology to meet the ever-growing demands from markets in various regions with regard to the use of reclaimed asphalt, emission reductions and plant mobility. Today, the world market leader is the only manufacturer with the plant technology to produce new asphalt from 100% recycled asphalt. Ammann also offers appropriate recycling upgrades for every specific demand raised by customers and the markets.

Amman's "GlobalConcrete" Mixing Plant

Amman’s “GlobalConcrete” Mixing Plant: Unique technology package consisting of mixer, control system and structure from the house of Ammann and suitable for all climatic conditions. Graphic: Ammann

This has resulted in completely new and innovative mixing plant concepts such as the Universal HRT (High Recycling Technology), a plant concept presented by Ammann that consistently aligns the entire asphalt production process with the maximum possible use of reclaimed asphalt. Or the UniBatch range that combines high flexibility, extendibility and a large selection of variants with modularity, energy efficiency and reduced emission values.

Ammann is also setting new standards in the field of mobility with two new plant types. The EasyBatch 140 range for batch asphalt production and the Prime 140 for continuous production processes both stand for maximum compact mobility coupled with the greatest possible output of 140 tonnes per hour. All of the Ammann plant ranges share the same core concept: all components in Ammann plants that have an influence on the quality of asphalt production are proprietary developments manufactured at Ammann facilities in Switzerland (core components) and the downstream facilities in Germany, Italy, China and Brazil.

New technological developments in the field of control and routing systems, low temperature asphalt, energy consumption, wear materials and alternative fuels make it possible for Ammann to offer its customers a decisive ecological difference for both new plants and plant upgrades whilst guaranteeing the greatest possible productivity at any time and anywhere around the world.

The GlobalConcrete makes producing top quality concrete a matter of course. The plant control system as1 is ideal for handling complex tasks as it makes the best possible use of the potential offered by the plant and fleet. Accurate measuring equipment and comprehensive process control guarantee perfect, reproducible results. The galvanised steel support structure is light, warp resistant and also suitable for areas of increased seismic activity. The EcoModule has a bright and maintenance- friendly design based on ergonomic principles; it is equipped with the tried and tested Amix twinshaft paddle mixer and is pre-assembled and tested at the factory. Its optional heating or cooling equipment is energy-efficient and makes the plant suitable for any climate zone. The GlobalConcrete meets every demand placed on modern concrete production.

Technical data

-    Production output up to 190 m3/h of hardened concrete
-    Mixer Amix twin-shaft paddle mixer with 1.5, 2.5, 3.0 or 4.0 m3
-    Aggregate feed Conveyor, bucket hoist, elevator or vertical conveyor
-    Silos Aggregate and cement silos in various designs
-    Plant control system Ammann as1