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Architects restructure Bonneuil-sur-Marne's Urbanity

PARIS/FRANCE, June 20, 2013 – Margot-Duclot architectes associés concluded in 2013 a 5 years project in the city of Bonneuil-sur-Marne.The TCSP, a major public transport project connecting the Pompadour place with the Sucy station, initiated a strong renewal in the Bonneuil City entrance. The land retrieved from the railways made possible the conversion of the IUFM crossroad into a friendly urban scale.

A modern view on restructured urbanity. | photo: David Foessel

The Master plan followed the progressive liberation of the land produced by the projected public transport: A first phase of 50 housings took place on the available land, simultaneously with the rest of the public urban project. One year later, a second phase of 75 housing started to rise on the ancient roads, following step by step the progressive liberation of the land. That is how an empty field, with no quality and without defined purpose, now houses 124 families.
Between the buildings, through alleys, can be seen individual houses, large balconies, shared gardens and kid’s playground. A type of intermediate housing, half building / half house, with all its qualities. The buildings take the most from natural light and apartments have double orientations at minima.

The planted heart of the project is perceived in all its variety from the street. The rain waters are regrouped into wells created in the inner landscape. The public space development together with the project celebrates the renewal of a quality urban landscape leading to redefine the scale of the city.
Through their projects, the architects of MDAA implement a carnal thinking about materials, shapes and usage at the intersection between innovation and consistency.