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Atlas Copco handheld breaker performs with regard to hand-arm vibration and impact energy

KALMAR/SWEDEN, September 26, 2013 - Atlas Copco Sweden recently conducted a comparative study on the comfort and safety of handheld breakers under the supervision of TÜV Nord. Within the study 3 tests were done: a 3-axis vibration measurement on Dynaload absorber (according ISO 28927 – 10:2011), a real work 3-axis vibration test on concrete performed by 3 operators (according ISO 5349 – 2:2001) and a real impact energy measurement on Dynaload (according ISO 2787).

new handheld breakers from Atlas Copco reduceing hand-arm vibration

Backboneworker in the field. | photo: Atlas Copco

Tests have shown that the hand-arm vibration value of the Cobra™ Pro is 3.8 on Dynaload and 5.8 in real work on concrete. Combined with this increased comfort and safety for the operator the Cobra™ Pro demonstrated a delivery of 61 Joules of impact energy and 1470 W output in the chisel.

These TÜV test results show even better performance levels in terms of hand-arm vibration and impact energy than what Atlas Copco ever claimed. They demonstrate Atlas Copco’s continuous drive for innovation and product improvement, that results in higher productivity for its customers and increased comfort and safety for the operators. Combined with its low emission and noise level the Cobra™ Pro petrol-driven breaker is the ideal tool for breaking, cutting, digging, driving and tamping.