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Bomag advances cold milling machine performance

BOPPARD/GERMANY, May 28, 2013 - At bauma 2013, Bomag presented another innovation in the cold milling machine product range. Following the BM 500/15 and unique BM 600/15, Bomag has now taken the next step in this story and tried to revolutionise the 1 metre class.

With the presentation of the first new BM 1000, Bomag is gearing up its commitment to the cold milling machine product range for the future. At its market launch in 2014, Bomag will be introducing new milling machines with 1200 mm and 1300 mm working widths to join the BM 1000, thus continuing to cement its position as a reliable and strong competitor on the market.

In 2011, Bomag set itself ambitious goals in tackling the highly competitive market with the BM 500/15. The machine became a success and after two years is setting standards on the market in terms of performance, precision and ergonomics. At Intermat, the BM 600/15, a second, very compact Bomag model impressed customers and generated long-term interest with its combination of low maintenance costs and top performance. Now the next generation has arrived, being developed and manufactured at the company headquarters in Boppard.

Bomag's BM 1000

Precision and efficiency: after the BM 1000, Bomag will also be launching milling machines with 1200 mm and 1300 mm working widths. | photo: Bomag

The new BMS 15 interchangeable holder system

"Concentrating on the essentials": During the design process, the aim was to identify and eradicate time-wasting factors that not only disrupt work. So the company has developed the unique BMS 15 interchangeable holder system. This new system needs no maintenance, as only one bolt is used as a retaining safeguard, which only needs a tightening torque of 100 Nm. Another plus point is the thread in the expendable part which can simply be replaced after use. This means an operating error can be ruled out in the design - in turn, allowing no follow-up costs in the first place. Furthermore, the low front face increases the level of efficiency and therefore the milling power. Specially hardened and tempered steels offer a significantly longer service life than conventional systems and also provide the accustomed BOMAG premium quality.

Ease of operation

The outstanding ergonomic driver conditions taken for granted since the BM 500/15 and BM 600/15 came onto the market have been adopted and enhanced once again. In addition to a simple and logical operating system, the operator's stand features a comfortable and ergonomic seating design which allows all work to be done whilst seated. Modern, ergonomic operation is complemented by comprehensive and easily reached switches, levers and displays.

Engine technology: equipped for all markets

The Bomag BM 1000, BM 1200 and BM 1300 work with the latest engine technology fulfilling all requirements in terms of the current exhaust emission regulations. bi