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Boxco transports 880 ton Splitter Column to Mumbai Port

ULM/GERMANY, October 28, 2013 - Boxco Logistics has set the bar high yet again, by roll on-roll off of the longest column ever that was transported in and out of Mumbai port on Scheuerle-Kamag K25 self-propelled modular transporters.

It all started in the industrial township of Dahej in the state of Gujarat at ISGEC Heavy Engineering’s manufacturing plant. A 91 meter long, 880 ton splitter column built for a refinery in Mexico, shadowed the workshop buildings. Apart from the splitter, a 380 ton quench water tower and a 250 ton demethaniser were also to be transported along with their accessories. The transportation of the columns from ISGEC plant to Adani port was a challenge, as the splitter measured 91 m x 9.5 m x 9 m in dimensions. Civil works like road widening, removal of obstacles including dividers and light poles were carried out prior commencement of transportation. Electrical line shutdowns also had to be arranged with the local electricity boards.

The longest transported column ever

Handling huge freights – not much of a problem with 2 x 28 axle lines of Scheuerle-Kamag K25 SPE. | photo: Scheuerle-Kamag

In coordination with the local police, the transportation was carried out using Scheuerle-Kamag K25 self-propelled modular transporters. The team faced a large number of challenges including turning restrictions like dividers road ends and conveyor belt structures which were mastered by the elaborated steering modes of the transporters. The transportation of all 3 pieces of equipment was carried out in a span of four days. The entrance wall to Adani port was razed to move the convoys into its premises. On site transportation at the port also posed a challenge due to narrow passages existing especially for the 91 m long splitter.

The shipment schedule for equipments from Dahej stood on the edge of the harsh ongoing monsoon season. The derrick barge “Triton Vision” under tow by 30 t bollard pull “MT Canara Progress” had been chosen to complete this mammoth task of sea transportation from turbulent waters of the Narmada delta in Gulf of Khambat up to the port of Mumbai. After engineering the required stowage plan, executing the jetty civil works and ramp construction the barge arrived at Dahej jetty under tow by smaller tugs due to low draft conditions of the Narmada basin. After stowage of the cargo, sea-fastening was carried as per pre-calculated. Upon survey of the cargo and fastenings, the barge loaded with the refinery equipment was hauled by the smaller tugs up to Dahej anchorage, where it was handed over to “MT Canara Progress”, which transported the loaded barge up to Mumbai port. Upon arrival and alignment of the barge at Mumbai port, delashing was carried out based on the hot works and rigging plan. The Scheuerle-Kamag K25 SPE used at Dahej were also used to successfully carry out the roll off operations at Mumbai port. “MV Roll Dock Sea” arrived at Mumbai in last week of June for loading the columns on board. While the smaller two columns were lifted by the vessel hook, the 91 meter long splitter was too large and heavy for the same. It is for this reason that rolling on the column using transporters was the obvious option.