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Brand new but proven Technology – Putzmeister’s 38-5

AICHTAL/GERMANY, June 04, 2013 – Putzmeister used bauma 2013 in April to present its new
generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps. The model 38-5 contains many redeveloped features, e.g. ESC (Ergonic® Setup Control), the new system for One-Side-Support, the environmentally friendly fluid management system, and a reduced gross weight of under 26 t, which makes the 38-5 the lightest truck-mounted concrete pump in its class. This results in weight reserve, which provides good loading opportunities.

The 38-5 pump by Putzmeister

Operating with efficiency: The 38-5 in the field. | photo: Putzmeister


With its “new generation” models, Putzmeister has consistently met customer demands for even more operating comfort, profitability in daily use and flexibility on the job. The cherished values like robustness and reliability have been retained. The new 38-5 is as powerful as the large machines and as compact as the smaller machines. Resting on three axles, it moves flexibly through heavy traffic and narrow streets to the site of use. With minimal support area, the machine boasts a vertical reach of approximately 38 m, which can be used fully thanks to the 5-arm boom structure and roll-Z fold system. This allows a lot of room for maneuver, whether inside a low building, under bridges and in underpasses or constructing multi-storey buildings. Thanks weight reserves, many accessories can be carried, so that the 38-5 can drive directly to the next job. In addition, it is easy to operate, and unusually low-wear and low-maintenance.

Bridging approx. 38 m using 5 arms

The hinge in the fifth arm increases versatility on the job, and also the reach can realistically be attained. This can be crucial, for example, when concreting in buildings, in order to reach completely inside. Moreover, the improved kinematics increase the working area, allowing no “dead space” to appear. The 5-arm placing boom with roll-Z fold system combines flexibility and compactness. The resulting minimal unfolding height, very good slip characteristics and minimum dimensions of the truck superstructure mean many and varied possible uses.

Comfort on 3 axles

The 38-5 meets the strictest licensing regulations. Its low unladen weight allows additional load capacity for functional fluids and accessories. The wide flatbed with antislip surface offers sufficient space in this regard. In addition, the new “I” frame concept ensures that the chassis frame is not made rigid, but retains its elasticity. This makes driving more comfortable and increases the service life of the truck.

Benefits of the new 38-5

•A gross weight of less than 26 t incl. sufficient reserves for payload and functional
•Steady 5-arm placing boom, thanks to the intelligent installation of the delivery
line and the harmonious continuity of the steel structure
•Efficient working thanks to consistent ergonomics
•Even better safety thanks to comprehensive consideration of current standards
and directives
•Service-friendly as a result of its optimized accessibility and consistent screw
•Lower service costs thanks to maintenance-free components, fewer different
types of components (e.g. only three standard elbow types) and smaller
quantities of functional fluids
•ESC (Ergonic Setup Control) - automatic safety system for One Side Support
(i.a.w. EN 12001:2012)
•Including Ergonic® 2.0 with new radio remote control

The  Boom at a Glance

•Approx. 38 m vertical reach with five arms and roll-Z fold system
•No dead space, more flexibility
•Direct activation behaviour of the boom control
•Safety thanks to reduced boom vibration
•EBC (optional) for vibration damping,
•Single-hand control,
•Limited working space
•Standard bends 90° and 45°, with lengthened collar s for a longer service life
•Low unfolding height

Technical data:

Type of folding 5-arm roll-Z fold system (RZ)
Vertical reach 37.5 m
Horizontal reach 32.8 m (gross)
Depth of reach 25.3 m
Unfolding height 7.4 m
End hose length 4 m
Delivery lines DN 125, max. 85 bar
Slewing circle: 365°
Pumps 16 H 16 HLS
Delivery rate (m3/h) 160 160
Pressure (bar) 85 85
Stroke (mm) 2100 2100
Cylinder diameter 230 250
Strokes/min 31 26
Extent of supports forward rear
normal approx. 6.3 m approx. 7.3 m
OSS/ESC approx. 4.3 m approx. 5.9 m
Overall length approx. 10.7 m*
Height under 4.0 m