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Cat launches updated D8R in Africa and Middle East

LEICESTER/UNITED KINGDOM, March 19, 2015 - Since 1935, the Cat D8 crawler dozer has pushed through mud and stone. Now, Caterpillar launches its new D8R which, according to the manufacturer, combines the durability and reliability of its predecessors with features that further enhance operator safety and comfort, while simplifying routine maintenance.

More comfort and convenience

The D8R’s new cab with enhanced visibility to the sides of the machine is quieter and more effectively pressurized to keep out dust for a cleaner operating environment. New pilot-operated controls for the implement hydraulic system reduce operator effort. For further convenience, the new crawler dozer features a single-handle control for direction/range selection and tiller-bar steering that allows the machine to work more precisely around structures, grade stakes, or other equipment. A redesigned instrument panel and electronic monitoring system are supposed to further ease the work of the operator.

Caterpillar D8R in action in the desert

The updated Cat D8R was recently launched in Africa and the Middle East. | photo: Caterpillar

Serviceability and telematics

For fast, simple routine maintenance, Caterpillar designed the D8R with grouped service points, sight gauges, fast-fuel-fill capability, and easy access to the engine compartment. According to Caterpillar, the machine’s modular design allows easy access to major power-train components for service or replacement, and individual radiator cores are quickly replaced. An electronic telematics system provides direct access to machine data like location, event codes and service hours.

Engine and undercarriage

The updated 38t heavy D8R relies on the field-proven 320 horse powers 3406C DITA engine with a mechanical fuel-injection system. Available for the D8R are Desert and Waste Handler arrangements that are specially equipped to work more efficiently in these harsh environments. With differential steering, the D8R maintains power to both tracks through turns, resulting in consistent blade loads and higher production. A load-sensing hydraulic system continually adjusts hydraulic power for higher efficiency by using a dedicated implement pump, says Caterpillar.
The D8R’s undercarriage is fully suspended to provide a high degree of ground contact, especially in uneven terrain, resulting in greater traction, less track slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride. The D8R is available in Standard and Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configurations, and can be equipped with a variety of blades.