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Co-operation Agreement between Liebherr and Kamaz

BIBERACH/GERMANY, January 20, 2014 - The Liebherr Group and the Russian company Kamaz OJSC have signed a contract to develop and manufacture a range of 6-cylinder diesel engines with 12 litre displacement. The engines are tailored by Liebherr to meet specific requirements from Kamaz. At the same time, the contract includes a complete solution for the construction of an engine production and assembly line as well as respective quality assurance within Kamaz's production.

Liebherr diesel engine D936-A7 with own common rail injection and motor control unit

Liebherr diesel engine D936-A7 with own common rail injection and motor control unit. | picture: Liebherr

6-Cylinder Engines with 12 Litre Displacement in four Performance Categories

The main factors for Kamaz's decision to work with Liebherr as a development partner were, on one hand, the modern engine concept with a good power to weight ratio and, on the other, the impressive strategy to comply with the emissions directives of Euro 5 and Euro 6. The 6-cylinder engines with 12 litre displacement are built in four performance categories. For low fuel consumption, they are equipped with common rail injection and motor control units from Liebherr. The tried and tested engines from Liebherr are specifically adapted for use in Kamaz trucks and special vehicles for the oil and gas industry. Aside from diesel engines, Liebherr also offers a gas engine for mobile vehicles based on the jointly developed engine.
With this contract, both companies highlight many years of co-operation in various areas, for example three motor sport trucks of the Kamaz racing team are currently equipped with Liebherr engines. They have been proving their worth since 5th January 2014 in the Dakar Rally.

Engines as Part of Liebherr's Components Division

Liebherr has more than 30 years of experience in the devel-opment and production of diesel engines for heavy applica-tions and tough climatic operating conditions.
The engines are part of the comprehensive programme that entails development, design and manufacture within Liebherr's components division. Among the high performing components from the areas of mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive and control technology are diesel and gas en-gines, injection systems, axial piston machines, hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic cylinders, oversized bearings, gearboxes and winches, electric machines, switchgear as well as electric and electronic components and systems. The emphasis here is on holistic system solutions, which is why individual components are adapted optimally to each other. Examples of the diverse areas of application are cranes, construction machinery and mining equipment, maritime use, wind turbines, decentralised energy systems, vehicle and agricultural technology and also aerospace and traffic engineering.
The division has new production sites in Europe, Asia and America. The components and systems are deployed in ma-chines of the Liebherr Group and are also designed and manufactured for customers outside the organisation. Liebherr-Components AG in Nussbaumen (Switzerland) acts as a trading company for worldwide sales and distribution.