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Comer Industries axles featured in the new 2CM mobile concrete mixer for Indian market

REGGIOLO(RE)/ITALY, May 08, 2013 – The new machine Argo 2000 was presented last February at the International Exhibition BC India in Mumbai for construction machinery, building materials and mining industry.

The new self-propelled 2 Cubic Meters Mixer, equipped with a set of Comer Industries axles S-128, meets the high reliability and efficiency demands of the Indian market, fast growing in recent years, thanks to the development of infrastructure programs launched by the government.

New Argo 2000 by Comer Industris

The new Argo 2000 guarantees high results in terms of concrete production and homogeneity of the mixed product on site. The drivability and maneuverability on the Indian road system are the strong points of the mixer: the association of the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering with a two-speed gearbox allows Argo 2000 easy moving and operating in construction sites.

The cooperation project between Comer Industries, Fiori Group and the Joint Venture Ajax Fiori Engineering (India) was launched in 2011 and led to the validation of the product S-128 after a year of field testing. "The self-propelled concrete mixer, having a very high pay-load, is an off-road vehicle with peculiar characteristics: in any working or transfer condition, it must have a good maneuverability ensuring, at the same time, the safety of the operator. Thanks to close cooperation between Fiori and Comer Industries, during the design phase and the development of the machine as well, we reached the desired balance between the needs of the vehicle and of the components integrated in the drive-line", Enrico Santini, CEO of Fiori Group, said.

The self-propelled mixer has been on display at the international exhibition BC India for the industry of construction machinery, which was held at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai last February, 5th to 8th.

Comer Industries S-128 axle combines the highest torque, braking and efficiency performances among its category, obtained by the company R&D team through a careful analysis of target applications, a thorough examination of the best solutions on the market and their limits and the use of the best design and testing technologies.

“We have applied our experience in the field of design and experimental testing of axles, working closely with the technical team of the customer to combine the vehicle expected performance with road homologation requirements.” Cesare Angeloni, Director Sales Construction & Industrial Comer Industries, said.

The steering system is particularly intended for severe usage: increased swivel spherical bearings, protected tie rods and optimized geometry meets the goal of increasing maneuverability and components’ life, keeping a good overall compactness.

A particular attention has been given to multidisc oil service brake system that is composed by two separate circuits, each of them activating respectively six brake discs on front and six on rear axle for a total of twelve. Front axle brake discs, positioned downstream the differential device, are equally used as Spring Applied Hydraulically Released parking brake to guarantee a proper wheel stopping and holding in every condition. The gap between the brake discs has been optimized in order to increase the overall mechanical efficiency.

The wheel-hub kasette seals are designed for a long working life in tough conditions. Both front and rear axles S-128 feature 24,000 Nm as output torque capacity, 6,600 daN dynamic load capacity and 12 ton as static load capacity. These axle performances allow the machine to work trouble-free with a lower failure rate.