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Costain achieves Time Saving with Aveva Laser Modeller

CHESTERFIELD/UK – September 23, 2013 - Aveva today announced that Costain, a leading UK Engineering Contractor (EPC) has achieved significant time and cost savings using Aveva Laser Modeller. As an early adopter of the company’s software, Costain utilised the technology for a major North Sea oil & gas facility upgrade project. The Laser Modeller enabled the rapid conversion of nearly 1,000 laser scans into intelligent, as-built 3D plant models, which helped to ensure the planned plant shutdown period of just 10 days.

use of the Aveva Laser Modeller for a major North Sea oil & gas facility project

Aveva Laser Modeller | graphic: Aveva

“By adopting a ‘survey to CAD’ technology approach, Costain was able to reduce risks such as safety, access restrictions and construction accuracy”, added Fredy Ktourza, Senior Vice President – Western Europe & Africa, Aveva. “The production of an as-built 3D model of the facility allowed Costain to plan the revamp work very accurately, avoiding unexpected on-site modifications that could have resulted in huge delays and costs. By joining Aveva’s Early Adopter programme, Costain was able to take advantage of this powerful new technology ahead of its official release in 2012. In turn, the company gained valuable knowledge from the use of the product in a real-world project environment. This proved be extremely beneficial for both parties and we are very pleased with what Costain has been able to achieve.”

The Laser Modeller software is hardware-neutral, accepting data from all leading laser scanning systems. Unique in the laser scanning market, it removes the need to produce interim ‘dumb’ geometric models.