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EXCON Special: Concrete Inspiration by Glass Beads

BREMEN/GERMANY, November 15, 2013 - Reolux was represented at the BIG 5 2012 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai, UAE and met with keen interest from visitors there.

Facing concrete with glass beads

A question of angle: glass beads in facing concrete provide inspiration for innovative designs. | photo: SF-Kooperation GmbH

SF-Kooperation does not intend to market Reolux® in the Gulf region as a ready-to-lay paver; instead, the Reolux facing concrete will be produced as bagged material and sold to local concrete product manufacturers.
Natural or synthetic light sources are needed to produce the interplay of light and colour, which is a strong characteristic of Reolux. The correct angle of incidence is important for obtaining maximum light reflection, intensity and brilliance, especially when using synthetic light sources. SF-Kooperation is working with a renowned manufacturer of luminaires to develop a light concept specifically for this product to offer optimum results in all situations.
Reolux is available as a standard product in red, yellow, blue, green and clear. Other colours are available on request.

About SF-Kooperation

SF-Kooperation is an international group of leading building materials and paving stone producers that, with technically proven and innovative products and production procedures, always puts new emphasis on the consolidation and design of roads, paths and public places, including gardens and landscaping.