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EXCON Special: HBC-radiomatic presents stunning Innovations

BANGALORE/INDIA, November 14, 2013 - Safety, efficiency, easy handling: in the spirit of this motto, HBC-radiomatic presents stunning innovations at Excon 2013.

spectrum E: more space, more functions, unlimited possibilities

spectrum E is the new high-end version of the renowned spectrum series by HBC-radiomatic. This radio control offers space for a huge number of operating elements and features and is thus an ideal choice for applications with exceptionally large function ranges, such as bucket excavators, special transport vehicles, drilling machines, and many more. HBC’s innovative transmitter sets new standards regarding operating comfort. With 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.), the device is about 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) lighter than previous models with a comparable function range. This is accomplished by a newly developed housing in the spectrum design. In contrast to the special housings used up until now, it has much more compact dimensions and is thus comfortable to carry, even for long operations.

HBC radiomatic spectrum E

spectrum E offers a broad range of functions and features in a convenient design. | photo: HBC-radiomatic

spectrum E is available with up to 6 joysticks or 10 linear levers as well as numerous push buttons, toggle or rotary switches (maintained / spring-return). As with all spectrum transmitters, all operating elements can be combined in different combinations. An individually configurable 3.5˝ color TFT shows important machine data, status information, and warnings, depending on the customer’s requirements. This ensures additional safety. The necessary power is provided by a newly developed Li-ion exchange battery. Up to 18 hours of continuous operation are possible without changing the battery.

For the perfect adaptation to the specific working area, the functionality of the quality product from Crailsheim, Germany can be considerably ex-panded with many additional functions. Among these superb features are the newly developed live video transmission and the user identification with the HBC data logger. For extremely long, interruption-free machine opera-tions, radiomatic® CPS (Continuous Power Supply) could the perfect choice. With this clever function, the operator can replace the battery with-out interrupting power; the machine stays activated! A broad range of prov-en HBC features, for example tandem operation, as well as different fre-quency management systems complete the package perfectly.

HBC radiomatic's technos design

The proven technos design is now available with a color display and many new features. | photo: HBC-radiomatic

technos 2: The comfortable Design with 3.5˝ TFT and new Functions With technos 2, HBC-radiomatic presents a new radio control with color display and many useful additional functions in an ergonomic housing. The transmitter features a convenient 3.5˝ TFT for the indication of operational data and many valuable, optional features – for example the new live video transmission with video camera for the safe control of machines in areas with limited view.  

Depending on the customer’s requirements, technos 2 is available with diverse combinations of up to 3 HBC joysticks (also with z-axis switches for 3 drive commands each), up to 8 linear levers, and numerous other switch-es and buttons. The excellent endurance of technos 2 is another advantage for the operator: even when the display is always activated, the transmitter offers up to 18 hours of continuous operating time. The necessary power is provided by a newly developed Li-ion exchange battery. If needed, the bat-tery can be changed in just a few seconds with a few easy steps, and the operator con continue to work without losing time.

technos 2 is available with numerous useful HBC Smart Options, for exam-ple an integrated LED flashlight. This can be very helpful if the operator changes positions in conditions with limited lighting. Further options are the user identification with data logger, the micro / orthogonal drive for demand-ing driving maneuvers, as well as several fully or partially automated fre-quency management systems. With all these options, technos 2 can be entirely configured according to the customer’s wishes and is extremely versatile. The spectrum ranges from multi-functional tower cranes to stone crushers and telehandlers, from magnet cranes to logistic vehicles and con-tainer transporters.

HBC radiomatic with live display

Safe and precise control with live view on the color display. | photo: HBC-radiomatic

Safe and precise Control with Video Transmission

Positioning a gripper arm precisely over the load, driving a logistic vehicle through areas with limited view, or applying a drill bit exactly at the desired position in narrow spaces: all of this and much more can now be easily im-plemented with the new HBC video transmission function  – from a safe distance and with a live camera view!

This exciting innovation works with up to 8 powerful and enormously robust video cameras simultaneously. They can be installed in a good location on the machine and the working environment, and can then transmit the work-ing situation in high-resolution images directly to the transmitter’s 3.5˝ TFT with a range of up to 150 meters over a separate radio link. The images are shown on the non-reflecting TFT with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Thus the operator always has a perfect view of the application and working area and can operate precisely and safely, even in demanding situations.

A clever feature is the integrated day/night-switching. As soon as the illumi-nation of the working area falls below a pre-determined value, the cameras automatically switch to several infrared LEDs. This means that the operator can also work when it is dark. Depending on the transmitter model, it is also possible to switch back to the standard data indication on the display. This allows taking perfect advantage of the possibilities of the 3.5˝ TFT.

HBC-radiomatic at Excon 2013: Hall 1, booth 121

HBC-radiomatic at a glance

HBC-radiomatic is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radio controls for industrial ap-plications, for example the wireless control of cranes and machinery. Since its establish-ment over 60 years ago, the family company headquartered in Crailsheim, Germany has consistently focused on quality through in-house production. In consequence, more than 90 percent of all required parts come from the HBC production in Crailsheim. As of today, HBC-radiomatic employs more than 400 people in eight production locations and sales offices worldwide. A global service and sales network with more than 35 international
partners ensures that HBC customers around the globe always have a competent contact person available.