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EXCON Special: Nano-M SMJ – More NBB

ÖLBRONN-DÜRRN/GERMANY, November 15, 2013 - In autumn 2013 a new generation of NBB remote systems will be introduced: the new Nano-M SMJ. “With this modular solution all customers’ demands will be fulfilled”, the company promises. So let’s take a look at the facts.


Nano-M SMJ: A remarkable invention as far as remote systems are concerned. The Nano-M SMJ integrated the superlative4,3 ‘’ color display with brightness value of 800-1.000 cd/m2 which is excellently applicative for outdoor missions and provides the user with all necessary information. | photo: NBB

This new transmitter consists of three parts: an upper part, a lower part and a middle part. Each part is available in different versions, for example the upper part with or without display. The middle part comes with a wide scope for assembling, and at the end the lower part integrates different connection possibilities and the battery cases.

The Nano-M SMJ works with two 7,2 V rechargeable batteries. The user of the machine can change one of the two battery packs without interrupting the workflow of the machine, because a battery back-up is assured. The operating time is app. 30 hours with one battery charge, depending on the activity of the display. The battery is locked on the housing and cannot drop out when knocked etc. The individual battery status could be monitored with the help of colored LEDs.

As the name implies, the transmitter is fitted with the patented SMJ-Technology (Surface-Mounted-Joystick), which enables the easy change of the joysticks without opening the transmitter housing. The changing of the joysticks requires only unscrewing the screws. Based on an integrated torsional protection there is no danger of a mistake during the installation of the new joystick. Therefore the NBB joysticks can be changed by the user easily, comfortably, safe and without any training. The workflow of the machine is not disturbed.

The mature 7,2 V battery pack technology (battery 7.2V / 1500mAh and charger) is available with self-cleaning contacts and had proven itself not only because of its quick 1h - charging but also its ability of temperature sensing for optimized recharging. The assembling of the connector is changeable between Europe-, US-, Japan-, GB- or Australia plugs.  

A remarkable feature of the new remote system is the superlative 4,3" color display with brightness value of 800 – 1000 cd/m² which is excellently  applicative for outdoor missions and provides the user with all necessary information. To guarantee the highest possible wearing comfort for any length of time the transmitter is equipped with a holder for a waist belt as well as a flexible holder for a neck belt. The housing is compact and ergonomic with dimensions of 35,4 x 22,8 x 14,1 cm and a weight of 2,5 kg. The transmitter has a protection level of IP 65, with an operating ambient temperature between -20°C and +70°C.  In face of the integrated antenna it is without any difficulties possible to control the machine above a range of app. 300 meter. This is because of the high RF-output up to 10 mW on the F-Band and up to 25 mW on the G-Band.

Regarding the data feedback for illustration of (for example) range, transmitter signal strength, status of the function or other customized data, feedback information and logos there are different kinds of possibility available, for example digital LEDS, acoustical data feedback, (sounder at the circuit board, can be activated as needed) and of course the superlative 4,3" color display.

The transmitter has the capacity of selection of up to 67 channels (the numbers of channels approved varies from country to country).
The frequency channels at the transmitter could be changed manually or automatically. The receiver regulates itself automatically so that he can find the transmitter. The channel distances are wide, so potential dysfunctions are avoided.

The automatic frequency search of the transmitter can also work as an option with the help of an innovative software: the LBT-method (Listen Before Talk). During switch-on or frequency relaying the transmitter will choose the next free channel (LBT – Mode 1). The LBT – Mode 2 is also available:  the whole frequency range will be scanned, the transmitter will choose the center of the range with the majority of free channels - independent of the channel.)

The faster technology transformation demands innovative inventions, just like special applications demand special solutions. NBB meets this challenge and offers with the new Nano-M SMJ concept his customers the possibility to create an unique assignment of keys based on the specific requirements.
NBB presents its concept of Nano-M SMJ and its ability to fit to different customer requirements, just to name a few:

    The New Nano M SMJ is available with Proportional and Stepped Joystick form 1 – 5 steps.
    The SMJ Joysticks are available both in (Single and Double axis)
    The system could be equipped with up to additional six push buttons on side of the Base unit
    The system is equipped with the CAN-Bus-Interface.

Visit the NBB booth No. 68 in Hall 1 in the German Pavilion at the Excon India.