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Efficiency in Materials: Kramer launches three new Telehandlers

PFULLENDORF/GERMANY, February 24, 2014 - In the spring of 2014, Kramer-Werke will launch three new telehandlers onto the market: the three models 4407, 5507 and 5509 handle payloads between 4.3 tonnes to 5.5 tonnes and achieve lifting heights from 7 to 9 metres, therefore making them the strongest telehandlers made by the southern German construction machine manufacturer.

the new telehandler from Kramer in action

The new telehandlers from Kramer combine two worlds: The sturdiness of the wheel loader paired with the lifting height of the telehandler make the three models indispensable machines for materials handling. | photo: Kramer

Thanks to the numerous innovative assistance systems and useful additional equipment, the new telehandlers work faster, more precisely and comfortably than ever before and are therefore even more economical: all in line with the motto "time is money."

The new telehandlers are low-emission and petrol-saving, allow for comfortable and economical work with the machine, thanks to the Ecospeed transmission and new additional features. With the Ecospeed transmission already known among Kramer loaders, the speed can be sensitively and variably increased from 0 to 40 km/h without losing tractive force. The automatic engine speed adjustment "Smart Driving" makes it possible to drive in a petrol-saving manner: At a constant speed, the engine speed is lowered to 1,800 rpm.

With standard and additional equipment, Kramer offers the necessary support for all conceivable applications on the job site and in industrial or recycling operations. Intelligently thought-out standard and additional features simplify the operation of the telehandler: In this way, an ergonomic joystick console provides for precise control of the hydraulic add-on devices and the automatic bucket return "Smart Loading" allows for a quick target position of the add-on devices. A unique pressure release directly next to the quick change plate makes coupling and uncoupling hydraulic add-on devices a breeze. The necessary oil volume can be individually regulated and is customizable for every control circuit via a potentiometer and display.

three new models of the Telehandler have been launched by Kramer

The all-wheel steering typical of Kramer also provides for smaller turning radii of between 3.75 metres and 4.35 metres with the new telehandlers, which is essential in tight space situations. The telescopic arm with lifting heights up to 9 metres ensures easy filling of storage areas, even at great heights. The three models have ranges of up to 3,790 mm, 3,900 mm and 4,790 mm. | photo: Kramer

The “Smart Handling” overload system of the second generation provides three different work modes, which support safety and comfort. In bucket mode, the telescopic arm automatically retracts when lowering and can therefore absorb the maximum thrusting and shearing forces in the lowered position. In stacking mode, the machine independently telescopes in and out when lifting and lowering while the quick change plate moves up and down on a vertical line. This makes stacking materials faster and safer. In manual mode, the hydraulic functions stop in the event of an overload.

The “Loadsensing” work hydraulics are particularly worth it under heavy working conditions. The lifting, telescoping and tilting cylinders are equipped with final position dampening and therefore spare the machine and operator from vibrations.

The ergonomic and functional cabin design makes precise work possible in any situation. The joystick operation has been improved: It now has up to 16 functions and is fixed directly to the seat so that the operator can use it comfortably and ergonomically. Colour-coded switches also simplify the operation. Furthermore, a low noise-level in the cabin (78 dBA at 40 km/h) and hanging pedals allow for stress-free work. The large panoramic window with 4.4 m² of glass surface provides the operator with the best view in all directions.