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Expansion of the Hamm H series: New compactors in the 11 – 16 t range

TIRSCHENREUTH/GERMANY, 06.06.2013 - At bauma 2013, the Bavarian manufacturer Hamm has doubled its offering of H series compactors: new models weighing between 11 and 16 t have joined the series to complement the machines in the 18 – 25 t range from spring 2013.

They offer state-of-the-art technology, operating with engines that comply with EU Stage IIIB / Tier 4i. In addition, the new compactors for earthworks are notable for their excellent visibility together with practical handling and compaction characteristics.
With three new basic models H 11i, H 13i and H 16i, Hamm is expanding the successful H series of compactors at bauma 2013. The “i” in the name stands for intelligent emission control and emphasises the fact that these machines are powered by state-of-the-art, future-proof internal combustion engines with extremely low pollutant emissions.

One of the Hamm H mashine series

The Hamm H series offers an impressive wealth of choice: with weights of 11 to 25 t and a huge range of options and variants, it covers the entire earthworks spectrum. In addition, all models in the series are equipped with future-proof engine technology complying with EU Stage IIIB / Tier 4i.


Future-proof engine technology

The new H series models are powered by 4-cylinder diesel engines made by Deutz. With an output of 105 kW, the engines provide sufficient reserves even for demanding applications in difficult terrain. Intelligent airflow allows them to be operated in ambient temperatures of as high as 50°C.
At the same time, the engines are environment-friendly. State-of-the-art combustion technology including an after-treatment system with DPF filter to reduce particulate matter ensures clean exhaust gas. The overall system significantly reduces emissions to such an extent that the stringent requirements of EU Stage IIIB / Tier 4i / MLIT Step 4i are met.
Like with the large compactors of the H series, all service points and batteries are also located on one side with the smaller models. An innovative air filter is simplicity itself to clean and replace. The new series also comes as standard with a secure storage space under the engine cover in which to keep a toolbox for example.

The driver can enter quickly the mashine

Quick and easy access to the Hamm H series: an access
way with three large steps allows drivers to reach the cab
of the new compactors safely.

Manoeuvring made easy

The characteristic Hamm three-point swivel joint enables the new H series compactors to deliver manoeuvrability with optimum stability even in tight turns. Thanks to the design of the side panels and cross-members, the compactors can tackle large slope angles in both forwards and reverse. The front slope angle of 45° allows drivers to operate the rollers safely even in steep terrain.
Good clearance between the cross member and roller drum prevents cohesive material from building up on the roller drum. In addition, V-scrapers in front of and behind the roller drum continuously remove any accumulated material.


Range of roller drums

In all three new weight categories, the compactors are available with smooth drum, with padfoot segments or with padfoot drum. The 13 t machine will also be available with a VIO drum, capable of compacting with either vibration or oscillation.
A notable feature of all models is their static linear load, more than 50 kg/cm in the case of the H 16i for example. This makes the new compactors extremely well equipped for fast, efficient compaction with deep action.

Comfortable working position

Hamm offers ergonomics for a pleasant working environment in the new H series models. Drivers reach the working position via a gently curved access way with three large steps and an anti-slip edge on the door threshold. In the cab, the highly ergonomic seat, operating console and steering wheel are all freely adjustable. Here, every driver will find the ideal working position in which to remain focussed for long periods in a healthy posture. This also applies for tall people since the new cabin roof offers generous headroom. Additional storage space is provided in the form of a drawer below the seat. The new lunchbox holder (option) is the ideal spot for a coolbag thanks to the 12 V electrical socket provided.
Drivers who regularly work in cold regions will welcome the additional comfort of the new optional auxiliary heating. From spring 2013, the compactors will also be available with a weather protection roof attached to the ROPS bar.

Comfortable seating position with good visibility

With an ingenious frame structure and a slender engine cover, Hamm provides drivers of the new compactors with a clear view of the ground to be compacted. The exhaust does not intrude either, being cleverly integrated into the structure in such a way as not to impede the view.
To illuminate the working area after dark, Hamm now also offers the compactors with optional low-energy, long-lasting LED working lights on the cab as well as a main headlight with low beam and additional full beam.
Reversing cameras are now also available as an additional safety feature (option). A 5.6” display allows the driver to check for the presence of people or obstructions in the area immediately behind the roller at any time. These cameras are available now as an optional extra for all H series compactors and can also be retrofitted to all existing machines.

Working with more space is more fun

The new Hamm H series models with weights from 11 - 16 t provide a great deal of space and headroom as well as plenty of storage capacity. | photos: Hamm


Simple, logical, language-neutral

All of the important displays and operating elements are positioned on the operating console for easy operator access. The clear symbols and logical layout facilitate intuitive operation. At the same time, all of the displays are language-neutral.

Opulent standard specification with variants and options

In every version, Hamm equips the H series compactors with a top-class specification. The standard equipment includes the Hammtronic machine management system. It optimises the traction and vibration drive while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.
A new feature for the H series is the optional telematics interface. It can be used to transfer data for fleet management purposes. It can also be used for remote diagnostics or as an anti-theft protection.
Customers can of course opt for the HCQ Navigator. It is available as a factory-fitted option. This system enables precise, even compaction as well as comprehensive compaction control. A new HCQ function also enables simple data export in conformity with the American analysis software “Veda”. bi