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Femern A/S Underway on two major new Tenders

COPENHAGEN/DENMARK, October 2, 2013 - Before the turn of the year, Femern A/S will announce two major new construction contracts for the establishment of the fixed link under the Fehmarnbelt.

The two major contracts will be announced in December in a so-called prior information notice (PIN) which aims to inform the market that the major tenders are underway.
One contract concerns the electrical and mechanical installations, including lighting, drainage, ventilation, power supply, fire prevention, other safety systems, traffic management, detection and communications as well as software for control and monitoring in and around the tunnel.

The second contract comprises the establishment of a major new substation east of Rødbyhavn in Denmark. The substation is to be built in partnership with and will supply power to the rail operations and electrical installations in the tunnel. Work on the other railway installations such as track, catenary system and signals, is expected to begin around one year after the work on the electrical and mechanical installations and the substation.

Both contracts will be offered as turnkey contracts and Femern A/S’ Technical Director, Steen Lykke, believes they will attract great interest because of their particular nature.

The plan for the tenders is:

December 2013: Prior Information Notice
January 2014: Industry Day in Copenhagen
January-February 2014: Advertisement of the opportunity to apply for prequalification in The Official Journal of The European Union
April-May 2014: Application for prequalification ends
July 2014: Selection of consortia that can be prequalified
August-September 2014: Start of bidding rounds