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ptc final report 2013

More foreign transport network operators than ever at 8th Pipeline Technology Conference, ptc:

  • 33 operators from 31 nations
  • 31 exhibitors
  • 310 delegates.

Important deals could be done and prepared by the exhibitors and sponsors at the 8th Pipeline Technology Conference (18-20 March 2013) because the conference and exhibition focused on the question: “Which improved solutions are offered by industry and service providers for the construction, operation and rehabilitation of onshore and offshore pipelines.”

Plant safety and operating efficiency were therefore in the center of attention. All ptc delegates appreciated the aim of making the ptc the most important platform for international exchange of research, technology, development and proven techniques. For that reason different new instruments were implemented:

The all in all very successful conference was rounded off by company workshops, committee meetings and networking events. One evening, all delegates were invited to a joint dinner at the “German Oil museum” in Wietze (near Hannover).  The next ptc will take place from May 12th until May 14th 2014 in Hannover. This time the ptc will focus on the fields of construction and rehabilitation.

8th Pipeline Technology Conference at the German Oil Museum, ptc, 2013

Dinner invitation at the “German Oil Museum”


Plenary session at 8th Pipeline Technology Conference, ptc, 2013

Plenary session


get together at the 8th Pipeline Technology Conference, ptc, 2013

Get together within the exhibition