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High-Performance, manoeuvrable and robust – Kamag “TruckWiesel” on the road to success

ULM/GERMANY, June 10, 2013 - The “TruckWiesel” from Kamag Transporttechnik in Ulm has established itself on the market. The Kamag terminal tractor already provides optimised logistic processes for numerous well-known companies in Germany and neighbouring countries.
The high performing, hydrostatically-driven semi-trailer truck has been designed for use in terminals and logistics yards and is entirely different from conventional special vehicles of this type because, with the TruckWiesel, Kamag relies on the use of serial components in combination with the special Kamag know-how.

Compact construction for an 18-tonne 5th wheel load

Compact construction for an 18-tonne 5th wheel load with double-action hydraulic cylinders for fast lowering. | photo: TII-Sales

For Kamag, sustainability and protection of the environment are the focus of attention at this year´s transport logistic in Munich. The company is presenting the a terminal tractor in a EURO 5 model. The basis of the new Euro 5 TruckWiesel is formed by the trend-setting SCR diesel technology of the Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® engine.

Cost-effectiveness as top priority

In its role as an efficient semi-trailer tractor for one-man operations, the TruckWiesel from Kamag is equipped with a hydraulically liftable and lowerable fifth wheel for a fifth wheel load of up to 18 tonnes. In order to be able to transport the complete range of semi-trailers, a wide selection of fifth wheel coupling heights can be realised whereby the minimum fifth wheel height is 930 millimetres. The 690-mm fifth wheel lift ensures that semi-trailers with larger fifth wheel coupling heights can be accommodated and cranking of the landing gear is no longer required.

With a lifting speed of 50 millimetres per second, the TruckWiesel also raises completely unloaded semi-trailers very quickly into the driving position. Lowering the fifth wheel is just as fast thanks to the installation of double-action hydraulic cylinders. The driver has an optimal view of driving under and lifting of the semi-trailer due to the generously-sized rear wall window, and can operate the fifth wheel directly from his position in the cab.

Basis of the new terminal tractor from Kamag is a robust heavy load chassis with a stable welded structure. The front axle, complete with disc brakes, originates from the ACTROS truck series from Daimler, whilst the rear axle is a rigid differential type with external planetary gears and drum brakes. The 110 kW water-cooled diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz (optional 129 kW, 115 kW with Euro 5) accelerates the tractor up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Due to the hydrostatic drive, it is possible to go from a stationary position to maximum speed without any shift jerking and without traction interruption. The maximum speed when reversing is likewise 40 km/h, the advantage of which is clearly noticeable during shunting operations. In addition, the change in direction can be carried out during driving which once again increases the rate of turnover, through wear-free hydraulic deceleration and the subsequent immediate change of direction.

TruckWiesel on the road to success

Compact construction for an 18-tonne 5th wheel load with double-action hydraulic cylinders for fast lowering. | photo: TII-Sales

Investing in sustainability and environmental protection

Sustainability and protection of the environment are also the focus of attention at Kamag regarding product developments and improvements. At this year´s transport logistic commercial vehicle show in Munich, the company is presenting a terminal tractor in EURO 5 design. Engineers will be presenting the first terminal tractor which fully complies with the requirements of the Euro 5 standard. Customers profit, therefore, from all advantages due to fulfilment of the pollutant standard, such as tax concessions as well as the “green sticker”, which allows the vehicles to enter inner-city environmental zones. The basis of the new Euro 5 TruckWiesel is the trend-setting SCR diesel technology of the Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® engine.

High level of service friendliness as standard

The same idea that had already been realised for the development of the Wiesel lifting truck formed the premise for Kamag´s new product, the TruckWiesel: using series production components with all their advantages as much as possible with regard to easy servicing.

As ergonomic and comfortable as a truck

The ergonomic driver's cab also originates from the large-scale production of the Daimler ATEGO series. Through the lower position of the cab, the driver requires only one step to reach his seat. This has the big advantage that the effort needed for frequently getting in and out of the cab is kept to an absolute minimum, e.g. for releasing the semi-trailer brakes, opening the doors on the semi-trailer or placing the securing wedges. The cab has all the ergonomic advantages as found in a long-distance truck. The excellent seat position provides operating personnel with a fatigue-free working environment which thus leads to increased safety levels in daily operations. The proven joystick operating system used in the Wiesel is also utilised here. With additional equipment such as radio, air conditioning and auxiliary heating, driving comfort can be optimized even more. The light and air connections are accessed via a wide set of stairs on both sides which facilitates easier assembly of the feeder lines. This solution is superior to previous options both from an ergonomic as well as a safety point of view, as light and air lines had to be frequently crossed, which in turn present a potential tripping hazard.

TruckWiesel – multi-functionality through additional equipment

A range of accessories makes the TruckWiesel the multi-functional high performance unit. For example, additional shunting couplings can be installed at the front or rear for moving trailers or central axle trailers.
In order to increase usability even more, the specialists at Kamag have now extended the equipment options through the development of winter maintenance equipment along the lines of the Wiesel swap body lifting truck. For this, a hydraulically adjustable snowplough is fixed to the front of the driver’s cabin using a special attachment.

For the operator, this means even more profitability in yard logistics and the investment into only one vehicle system. Operations, such as lifting, lowering and plough angle setting are effected hydraulically using a separate auxiliary drive system. Additional equipment such as central lubrication system, special cab canopy and protective bumper are likewise available.

“TruckWiesel” technical data

Total weight at 25 km/h        approx. 41,500 kg
Tare weight             approx.  6,500 kg
Permissible fifth wheel load    approx. 18,000 kg
Tractive force            approx.  4,000 daN
Fifth wheel height minimum    approx. 930 mm
Fifth wheel lifting height        approx.  1,620 mm
External turning radius         approx.  6,950 mm
Engine power            110 kW with 2,200 rpm
Optional 129 kW possible
Euro-5 model:             115kW at 2,200 rpm
Top speed            approx.  40 km/h