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Hightech-Telematics new Provider for Fleet Management

SCHAFFHAUSEN/CH, April 28, 2014 – Savvy Telematic Systems AG, headquartered in Schaffhausen, is a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution provider specialised in telematics and fleet management. Its ten-member team, consisting of hardware and software engineers, project managers and logistics specialists, is dedicated to creating added value for Savvy's customers.

Even though it is a new company, the Savvy Telematic executive team surrounding CEO Paul Kaeser is not an unknown entity in the sector: to a large part, the team worked at the established Swiss telematics provider, Fela Management AG, a specialist for integrated telematic solutions and fleet management systems. “We are currently developing a complete new device generation and  combining it with a modern, innovative software approach that – for the first time – is also capable of modelling the system's process side”, Kaeser explains. “This puts us in a position to evaluate our customers' data intelligently, in other words, as defined by a comprehensive business intelligence approach.”

Against the background of more than fifteen years of experience in the fields of telematics and fleet management, more than 100,000 installed modules and comprehensive expertise in large scale project management,   Savvy Telematic Systems  develops innovative technologies that fit into customers' infrastructures seamlessly. Major target groups are mid size and large companies in the  container sector, railway, and construction and mechanical engineering industry.

Savvy Telematic Systems AG plays a significant role in optimizing personnel and material deployment for all companies with a big vehicle fleet or a large number of containers or freight wagons. Customers receive a  full range of services  comprising consulting, hardware, portal, communication and services from one source.