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Hyundai presents web based Monitoring System “Hi-Mate”

VOSSENDAAL/NETHERLANDS, July 17, 2013 - Many fleet owners and operators as well as maintenance departments wish a web-based monitoring of heavy equipment. Hyundai Heavy Industries follows these desires with the 2010 introduced "Hi-Mate System”.
The “Hi-Mate System” monitors the machine and supplies additional data such as localization and transmission of performance data.

Hi Mate provides the following data:
• Detailed history about utilization, fuel consumption and handling performance
• GPS-based localization machinery
• Real-time alarm (with geo-fencing feature)
• Theft Protection

Hi-Mate from Hyundai provides datailed information about heavy equipment

Per satellite HI MATE transfers machine performance data around the
globe. Fleet management and operators are informed in real time about
the location of their Hyundai Construction Machine. HI MATE also offers
extensive performance and maintenance data for effective planning. | photo: Hyundai Heavy Industries

Hi-Mate monitors machine location via GPS, so that the exact position of the machine can be determined with an accuracy of a few meters. As soon as the machine leaves a specified range, Hi Mate will fully automatically produce a warning message (via phone or via e-mail) that allows the operator to take adequate measures. The system communicates via the ORBCOMM satellite without extra charges for data transfer or similar. Every day data referring to operating hours, engine hours, fuel consumption and amount of fuel remaining in the tank are being transmitted to a control center at Hyundai. HHI operators and service technicians can access the data of the respective machines on a central website. Only requirement: The Hi Mate-equipped excavator or wheel loader must be registered once free of charge at Hyundai Heavy Industries. A particularly important point, especially for rental-fleets, is the exact provision of maintenance dates. Hi Mate does monitor by individually adjustable schedule intervals for exchange of filters for fuel, hydraulic oil and air intake. Driver and operator will both be informed in advance about next maintenance or service date. Furthermore this system provides a bi-directional communication. Fleet managers can in fact send the driver to the large HI MATE display messages or e-mails. For technical irregularities Hyundai service technicians can "look into the machine" via satellite connection at any time.

Effective Fleet Management

Since machine data, such as actual working hours, engine and idling hours are being monitored also in conjunction with hydraulic attachments (f. E. Demolition Hammer, vibrators etc.) site management and mechanical engineering department responsible for the performance can calculate on exact data and can plan machine evaluation more precisely. Hi Mate is part of the standard equipment of all Hyundai Heavy Industries construction machines starting with an operating weight of 14 t. It can be used over the entire lifetime of the machine (first two years free of charge). According to Milan Wamsteker, head of marketing and communications at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Geel/Belgium, all newly sold heavy-line wheel loaders and excavators of HHI are currently equipped with this system.