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New Summit: Transportation in the South Caspian Region

ISTANBUL/TURKEY, May 26, 2015 – After the expected suspension of sanctions against Iran, the large country in the south Caspian region promises to be a large, growing market. At a conference in Turkey, the country’s air, road and sea transportation and critical infrastructure topics are addressed.

The first summit of this kind will adress many of
the region's transportation infrastructure needs.
| photo: IRN

Recently, a state representative declared that Iran will need to acquire 500 airliners over the next 10 years to renew its aging fleet. At the moment, the fleet consists of only 140 functioning aircraft, which is lower than average international norms. The end of sanctions will ease new business relationships with world powers and pave the way toward solving this issue.

Awaiting the end of sanctions

Taking place a few months after an agreement has been reached to lift most sanctions against Iran, this senior level Summit means to establish grounds for companies that are looking to do business with the country, facilitating crucial discussions between businesses and authorities.

Global events’ organizer and business intelligence group IRN, announced the inaugural South Caspian Region Transportation 2015 Summit to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 28-29th July. This will be the first forum dedicated to the transportation infrastructure industry of the South Caspian region gathering together key government officials; current and potential investors, as well as the main operators and technology service providers with the aim to share insights and forge business relations.

Prominent guests

Highlights of the two-day Summit agenda include:

  • Keynote address and announcements from the Ministry of Transportation
  • Urban development in Iranian transportation - Tehran
  • New railway projects; cooperation with Russia, India, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to modernise and expand the railway system
  • Case Study: The much anticipated Silk Road Railway and its impact on Iran and the world’s transportation
  • Modernisation of Iran’s airport infrastructure
  • Shipping routes to Asia; what are the main sea routes that connect Iran with the Asian markets?
  • Iran’s ports as the main route for oil and gas transportation
  • Iran’s road system and technology - Traffic Engineering

150 senior level delegates are expected to attend the South Caspian Transportation Summit to hear a number of regionally focused case studies and presentations, Q&A and networking sessions including a private gala dinner.

More information can be found on the website