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Innovation in the SPMT Segment: Goldhofer’s new PST/ES-E Heavy-Duty Modules

MEMMINGEN/GERMANY, November 28, 2014 – At this year’s bC India Goldhofer presents its products at their booth in Hall 3.J29. The company’s new generation of transportation vehicles comprises three heavy-duty modular transporters: the PST/ES-E 6 (315) with an axle load of 45 t, the PST/ES-E (285) with electronic multiway steering and hydraulically adjustable track width, and the PST/ES-E (385), the first modular transporter with an axle load of 60 t.

the new PST/ES-E heavy-duty module from Goldhofer

The new SPMT Genration | photo: Goldhofer

With a track width of 1810 mm, the PST/ES-E (285) has 24 % greater lateral stability than a conventional SPMT with a track width of 1450 mm. With a basic width of 2430 mm, it can be quickly transported to the next job and offers optimum maneuverability - with less manpower than is normally the case. The PST/ES-E (385) is designed for ultra-heavy loads and offers the optimum payload/axle load ratio – with standard truck tires.

And that is one of the keys: All the new self-propelled modules can be fitted with standard low loader or truck tires in 215, 285, 315 and 385 mm widths. In addition – thanks to the +/-135° steering angle and the larger tire contact area – tire wear is significantly reduced. As drive units, there is a choice of four PowerPacks with a rated output of 150, 207, 360 and 390 kW, two of which are already in compliance with the new TIER IV Final Standard. A hybrid drive is also available as an optional.

“Goldhofer’s new SPMT generation is also superior to conventional SPMTs with regard to such decisive parameters as capacity, bending moment, speed and tractive force,” says Horst Häfele, Sales Manager Modules. Thanks to the new drive system, travel speed has increased by between 30 and 100 %, while tractive force is up by 27.5 % and lateral stability is up to 24 % higher.