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Jeddah's new landmark: The Lamar twin towers

The two towers by the Red Sea reach a combined height of 666 metres. | Photo: CFA group

Jeddah’s Lamar Towers Go Big on Safety

JEDDAH/SAUDI ARABIA, May 29, 2015 – Worker’s safety on construction sites is an increasingly important topic, especially at prestigious landmark projects. In this case, no news of accidents is good news. In Saudi Arabia, two new high-rise towers pose a new challenge for their safety equipment provider.

The mixed-use Lamar Towers are set to dominate the Jeddah skyline upon completion, standing 373 metres and 293 metres high respectively. With safety paramount during the construction, Swedish safety solutions supplier Combisafe was appointed to deliver a comprehensive range of collective protection safety solutions to protect workers.

Built by Drake and Scull Construction, the twin towers required a safety solution for use on challenging high-rise sites. Combisafe combined the Multi Mesh Barrier edge protection system with fall protection from the Safety Net Fan.

Combination of Barrier and Net

The team installed 3,040 Multi Mesh Barriers on the project. The Multi Mesh Barrier combines a post and barrier in a single component, for simplicity, ease, and speed of installation at a weight of 16 kg. The large mesh size offers 250mm of containment density, whilst also allowing operatives to work on the building’s framework and exterior without removing the barrier.

Offering a projection of 3.3 metres, the Safety Net Fan will absorb falls from up to 6 metres. With a mesh density of 60 x 60mm – laced together with an extra fine 20 x 20mm debris net as standard – helping to catch and contain considerably smaller particles, this gave the contractor and workers on site complete peace of mind, says the the manufacturer.

Combisafe is a Swedish manufacturer of safety solutions for construction sites. Some recent landmark developments such as the Shard in London, Victoria Tower in Stockholm and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi were secured by the company’s systems.