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Kamag delivers a total of eighteen Industrial Lift transporters to Baosteel

ULM/GERMANY, June 17, 2013 - The long-established Ulm-based company Kamag Transporttechnik GmbH recently delivered a total of 18 industrial lift transporters to Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., more commonly-known as Baosteel, in Shanghai, China. Baosteel is the second largest Chinese iron and steel company conglomerate with an annual turnover of over 30 billion US dollars and has around 100,000 employees, being a  customer of Kamag and Scheuerle for more than 20 years.

Kamag 2107 HM2 industrial lift transporter

Kamag 2107 HM2 industrial lift transporters with tilting system and top-mounted cab during the tilting process. | photo: tii-sales

In the adverse working conditions in the steelworks of this world, both the thirteen Kamag 2107 HM2 industrial lift transporters complete with tilting system and top-mounted cab as well as the five Kamag U2105 HM2 with cabs mounted below for driving under pallets are optimally prepared. The pendulum axles with hydraulic compensation always provide the necessary stability whereby the safety systems trigger an immediate alarm if there is a height difference of more than 60 mm. However, this is just one of many safety features - different systems continuously update the driver about all driving situations and possible hazards.

The Kamag 2107 HM2 with top-mounted cab – a multi-talent among the industrial lift transporters with tilting system

With a tiltable payload of 100 tonnes and featuring a comparatively low tare weight of just 50 tonnes, the Kamag 2107 HM2 complete with a top-mounted driver´s cab is one of the most powerful and efficient industrial lift transporters for the transshipment and handling of scrap metal or other bulk material. With 421 engine horse power and driven by reliable Caterpillar aggregates which have proved themselves over decades, the Baosteel versions provide an impressive climbing performance of 20 per cent and a traction force of 37,000 daN. The maximum speed without load is 35 km/h.

Compact and manoeuvrable – the Kamag U2105 HM2 with cab mounted below

Long material such as slabs or coils but also all types of pallet systems are the operational areas of the Kamag U2105 HM2 with its driver´s cab mounted below. The five vehicles delivered to Baosteel score well a good maximum load / tare weight ratio (115t: 35t), a traction force of 35,000 daN and a maximum speed of 35 km/h when unloaded. The IHT U2105 HM2 with its bottom-mounted cab is driven by the proven Caterpillar aggregate with 421engine horse power.

Kamag 2107 HM2 at the construction site

Kamag 2107 HM2 industrial lift transporters with tilting system and top-mounted cab at use at Baosteel. | photo: tii-sales

Effective, safe and user-friendly

Both the U2105 HM2 and 2107 HM2 score with extensive safety features. Optimum working temperature and lighting of the cab and vehicle ensure focused and relaxed operations by the driver. Starting the engine is only possible in a normal driving position (no gear is engaged). With low engine oil pressure, low hydraulic oil level and low hydraulic oil pressure, the engine stops automatically. The voltage-stabilized electrical circuits are comprehensively monitored by means of safety automatisms - and all systems are equipped with overload protective mechanisms.