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Kobelco Cranes G-Series CKE2500G and CKE1350G shown at the INTERMAT 2015 in Paris

ALMERE/THE NETHERLANDS, February 25, 2015 - The japanese manufacturer Kobelco specialised on the construction of crawler cranes will be showcasing two of its G-series models at the INTERMAT 2015 in Paris-Nord Villepinte, France.

G-Series CKE2500G from Kobelco

Kobelco´s model CKE2500G from the G-Series. | photo: Kabelco Cranes Europe LTD

Kobelco G-series models will be the main attraction at the Kobelco Cranes exhibit at INTERMAT 2015 in France. One important feature of Kobelco cranes ist that it comes equipped with a full hydraulic operating system for powering the joy-sticks, which provides crane operators with a good feel for the load when hooking on and releasing a load. Kobelco’s full hydraulic operating system provides improved control and high precision for handling loads and only needs little maintenance. Due to the fact that a hydraulic system is a closed circuit it provides improved reliability especially when working in corrosive environments at coastal and marine projects.

Some of the G-Series models are also equipped with other important features like a nested boom for easier transport or the so-called "G-Mode" which helps conserve energy. The fuel consumption was reduced by using the EUR Stage IIIB diesel engine (corresponding to US (American) EPA Tier 4i). Other re-designed features of the G-Series include a compact structure for transportability, a larger cab design, an LMI touch screen, an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism and an optional counterweight detection device. Standard on all G-Series models is the Kobelco Remote Observation Satellite System, called kCross, which allows remote monitoring of the unit from the owner´s desktop. The system provides information on for example how long the unit worked, how much fuel was consumed and the travel time of the crane.

The G-series cranes lifting capacities range from 60 to 550 metric tons for Europe and from 85 to 275 U.S. tons for North America. The two models that can be found at the Kobelco stall at the Intermat 2015 are the CKE1350G and the CKE2500G. The CKE1350G has a 271 kW, 1850-rpm-HINO four-cycle, water-cooled. vertical inline, direct-injection, turbo-charged engine and provides a maximum lifting capacity of 135 metric tons at 4.5 m. It reaches to a maximum working radius of 64 m and has an operating weight of 136 t. The CKE2500G on the other hand features the same engine with an intercooler and has a maximum lifting capacity of 250 metric tons at 4.6 m. The maximum working radius is up to 84 m and the operating weight is 217 t.