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Trailer Producer Kögel Making Inroads into Italian Market

BURTENBACH/GERMANY, May 26, 2015 – With an improved sales and marketing set up, German trailer producer Kögel is increasingly gaining market share in the recovering Italian trailer market.

Koegel Sales structure in Italy

Koegel expanded its sales team. This is its new network for Italy. | Figure: Kögel

The German trailer producer is making rapid progress in recovering the Italian trailer market. Semi trailer sales registered a whopping 50 % growth in first two months of current year, as compared to the same period in 2014. In 2014, semi-trailers sales had registered about 5 % growth as compared to 2013.

Kögel, which more than tripled its sales from 2013, sold 524 semi-trailers and is reaping dividends of putting a new sales structure in the country. The new structure, which was introduced in 2014 under Massimo Dodoni, Sales Manager South- East Europe, is undergoing further expansion. Currently, two dealers and four sales representatives are leading the charge for Kögel in the country. In the first quarter of 2015, Koegel had a market share of more than 15 % in Italy.

Successful restructuring

"The expansion of the Italian sales structure is our response to the steep rise in demand for trailers in this region," says Thomas Heckel, General Manager at Kögel. "The success in January just re-confirms to us that the strategic decision to expand our team was the right thing to do."

With manufacturing facilities and head-office in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach, Kögel is one of Europe's three leading trailer manufacturers. It has produced more than 500,000 trailers since its inception in 1934. Besides its mother production facility, Kögel also has factories and premises in Neu-Ulm (Germany), Duingen (Germany), Chocen (Czech Republic), and Moscow (Russia).