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LiuGong unveiled its large Tonnage Excavator 950E at Conexpo

LAS VEGAS(NEVADA)/USA – March 20, 2014 – LiuGong, a global leader in manufacturing a full line of extreme duty equipment, has unveiled one of its largest crawler excavators, the 950E, at this year’s Conexpo-show. The E series is the latest generation of LiuGong excavators, following in the tracks of the highly reputed D series, which is renowned for its high reliability and serviceability, but now even stronger power, easier control and more safety.

Advanced Hydraulic System

The 950E’s developments started with LiuGong’s Intelligent Power Control System (IPC) to provide more accurate matching and control over engine speed and main pump flow, delivering more power, faster response and smoother operation. The control valve and cylinders have been optimized to improve front-end performance, efficiency, fuel consumption and cutting down on the damper loss of the hydraulic system. To further improve performance and cut fuel consumptions, the 950E features 6 selectable working modes (Power, Economy, Fine, Lifting, Breaker and Attachment).

the new large tonnage excavator 950E from LiuGong was unveiled at the Conexpo

The 950E further extends LiuGong’s product line and demonstrates LiuGong’s technical capability in designing and manufacturing large-tonnage machines like the 970E excavator, the 888 and 899 wheel loaders, the Dressta TD40E bulldozer and large mining dump trucks. LiuGong provides a comprehensive solution to large-scale quarrying and construction customers. | photo: LiuGong

High Reliability

Advanced engineering tools, such as non-linear and linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and dynamic simulation models were used to develop the 950E into an optimized, integrated design, all of which leads to increased machine reliability. It combines components and system from world-class suppliers like Cummins, Kawasaki, Nabteco, Grammar with advanced in-house technology from LiuGong to maximize efficiency.

Efficient Cummins Engine

The 950E is powered by a highly efficient Cummins QSM11 375 diesel engine, which comes with a powerful Electronic Control Module (ECM). It delivers extra power for extra-tough jobs, while reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.  The machine on display at CONEXPO is Tier 3 compliant to meet the toughest emissions standards for developed markets, like the North America and Europe, depending on different requirements the 950E can be provided in Tier II or Stage IIIA configurations.
As the cost of fuel continues to rise, engine idling is becoming a growing issue for the industry. LiuGong takes this seriously. The 950E features an automatic idle speed function, which reduces engine rpms down to 1000 rpm after just seven seconds when the machine is at rest, significantly reducing fuel consumption and engine wear.

Comfortable and Safe Cab

The 950E has one of the largest cabs in the industry. The cab windows are widened for better visibility, especially the right downward view for steering and excavation. An enlarged skylight with rolling sunshade provides excellent visibility and good ventilation.
The new monitor bracket is designed for greater stability and is positioned to be easy to check. Machine operational states, warnings, audile alarms and maintenance information are clearly displayed to help the operator. It is programmable to provide information in a choice of more than 10 languages. The LCD monitor also serves as the display for the rearview camera, which improves worksite productivity and safety.

The pilot lock handle installed on the handrail box prevents unexpected movement as it interlocks the machine ignition system. Soft and flexible pilot control operating handles are convenient and comfortable for long operating hours. Large swing design foot pedals are more comfortable and allow the operator to keep their feet on the foot rest and operate the machine at the same time. The easy to clean and form fitted floor mat is more practical and durable.
To promote safety, the 950E is ROPS certified according to the new ISO 12117-2-2008 procedures.

Convenient Maintenance

Like other LiuGong machines, maintenance of the 950E is simple and convenient. The engine is easily accessible when the rear hood is lifted up, providing plenty of working space for servicemen. The fuel pre-filters with water separator; engine oil filter and pilot filter are all located in the pump compartment for easy access from the ground. The on board fault diagnostic system monitors machine functions and performance can be tracked in real time and will inform the operator of small issues before they grow via the LCD monitor. The error codes can also be used by certified service technicians to simplify and accelerate the repair process.