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MCA-2000 roller system facilitates controlled compaction

Wireless data transfer from the roller to the office

LIMBURG/GERMANY, May 22, 2013 - The MCA-2000 roller system from Moba Mobile Automation AG facilitates controlled compaction during asphalt paving. The compaction data of each project can now also be called up directly from the office via a web server.

The MCA-2000 during asphalt paving

With support of the MCA-2000, the asphalt can be optimally compacted and the quality of the road improved.


The quality and, thus, longevity of an asphalt road can be improved considerably through homogeneous and high-quality compaction. With the new additional function of wireless data transfer, data can now be quickly and conveniently exchanged between machine and office, eliminating the need to travel from the office to the construction site. The data – compiled into a report, as quality verification, for documentation and for tracking project progress – are immediately available.

Easy working with wireless data transfer

The current data can be called up via a web server directly in the office and the project progress followed.


MCA-2000: optimum compaction for better roads

The MCA-2000 uses temperature sensors to measure the asphalt temperature and uses GNSS positioning of the roller to ascertain the number of passes. By means of the combination and visualization of this information on the seven inch display, the driver can immediately identify where sufficient compaction has already been performed and where additional passes are still necessary. By means of the temperature display, the system allows compaction to be performed in the optimum temperature spectrum. This prevents the compaction of asphalt that is too cold, which can damage the material and lead to and subsequent road damage.
The cost-effective MCA-2000 is easy to operate and install and improves the quality in the compaction process for the long term.
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Touch-screen panel of the MCA-2000

On the touch-screen panel of the MCA-2000, the user can identify at a glance areas where sufficient compaction has been performed and areas where additional passes are needed. | photos: Moba