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New Aveva Bocad software offers 30-40 percent Project Savings

CAMBRIDGE/ENGLAND, August 1, 2013 - Aveva announced today its release of new products and improvements in its range of structural steel detailing software. The new products will increase structural detailing capability and enable more design standardisation and automation. Together, by enabling more effective decision-making and increasing project transparency, these new features offer potential project time and cost savings of up to 30-40 percent.

Steel construction

Steel construction site. | photo:
Vhanepfu via Wikimedia Commons

In addition, Aveva Bocad has benefited from better integration with its 3D design products - Aveva Everything3D, Aveva PDMS and Aveva Outfitting. Engineering contractors and fabricators working in the Process Plant and Marine industries will therefore be able to achieve greater productivity and project quality. This might help to eliminate many sources of errors, leading to time and cost savings.

“It was important that we extended Aveva’s Integrated Engineering & Design capabilities to embrace the structural steel discipline”, said Bruce Douglas, Senior Vice-President, EDS Strategy & Marketing.  “Aveva Bocad now works with our Plant and Marine products, including all of our 3D design software tools. Engineers can now supply accurate and timely deliverables to dramatically increase productivity and quality throughout the fabrication and construction processes.”

EDC Consultants of Australia has been using Bocad software for over 12 years. Its Managing Director, Chris Velovski said, “Using the Bocad software, we’ve developed some really intelligent design automation that has astonished our partners. We can deliver massive efficiency & cost benefits. Using the power of the Bocad software we have been able to overcome any challenge, and I mean ANY challenge; we have not come across any technical situation that Bocad has not been able to help us resolve. We look forward to more exciting technology developments like this in the future.”