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New Earthmax SR 41 Tire with Power and Performance

SEREGNO/ITALY, November 1, 2013 – BKT already launched Earthmax SR 41, the new OTR tire, on the market. Specially designed for articulated dumper applications, the tire is able to ensure efficiency and high long-lasting performance during complex operations on construction sites.

The new SR 41 at work

Specially designed for articulated dumpers, the new BKT tire stands for maximum traction, excellent maneuverability as well as high resistance against cuts and penetrating foreign matters. | photo: BKT

This novelty is an evolution of its predecessor, i.e. based on the Earthmax SR 40 technology. It has been introduced on the market to offer the use more power and performance. The new tread features reinforced connecting elements for major lug stiffness resulting in more stability. Furthermore the geometrical lug pattern has been particularly designed to enhance the traction capacity, an essential feature for articulated dumpers operating on toughest terrains under demanding conditions.

Earthmax SR 41, available in the sizes 29.5 R 25 and 26.5 R 25, is an All Steel tire. Both the structure and the casing are made of multi-ply steel belts to lend the tire major resistance against aggressive impacts such as punctures and penetration of foreign matters. These features are of essential importance when facing particular obstacles on the ground which might expose the tires to the serious risk of puncture or casing deterioration. These tires have an extra deep tread (classified E4, i.e. 50% more compared to standard) which turns into a longer tire life cycle ensuring a large number of working hours resulting in increased productivity. Besides, the new model has been developed with a major space between the lugs to significantly reduce the risk of stones or other foreign matters getting stuck in the tire.