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New Products from MC for Screed Installers

BOTTROP/GERMANY, July 19, 2013 - MC-Bauchemie has launched two innovations within its Screed Products segment: Powerscreed 980, a setting accelerator with high water reduction capabilities for the placement of cement screeds to allow for early overworking and foot traffic, and Easyscreed RS, an admixture designed to minimise re-moistening effects and improve workability in one.

setting accelerator Powerscreed 980 by MC-Bauchemie

With Powerscreed 980 and Easyscreed RS, the requisite residual moisture target can be effectively achieved in between 14 and 7 days, depending on the dosage. | photo: MC-Bauchemie

The particular advantage of these developments is that, depending on requirements, the products can be used independently of one another or in combination. This offers screed installers many benefits, with simplified and more flexible handling combining with cost-efficiency and quality.
Until now, screen installers were only able to choose between screed accelerators with or without an integrated re-moistening inhibitor. These all-in-one products failed to provide any degree of handling flexibility as they were unable to adapt to specific ambient conditions or screed properties. Now, with Powerscreed 980 and Easyscreed RS, MC-Bauchemie has developed two products that can be used independently of one another or, when required, in various mix ratios. Both products are also characterised by their low dosage levels compared to conventional additives.