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New Record for Socage with 28 Meters Working Platform

SORBARA/ITALY, July 23, 2013 - Another achievement for Socage as a 28 meters working platform mounted on 3.5T chassis will shortly be revealed. After being one of the pioneers in the industry and having mounted one of the first 24 meters double articulated platforms on 3.5T truck, Socage will again try to beat any record with the 28 meters. 

new working platform from Socage reaching a height of 28 meters

Second Record with 28 meters working platform mounted on 3.5T chassis: The Forste 28D.  | photo: Socage

To celebrate the new project Socage has created a new name that will be introduced for the future models: Forste 28D. The name comes from the new range restyling inspired by the charity Association for Children “Forste” where the number indicates the working height and the letter stands for the type of boom, which in this case is 28 meters double articulated.
This new model was launched at bauma, Munich, in April.  The state of the art R&D department is one of Socage achievements with a fifteen-year experience in the market. Despite the difficulties the market is facing, the company is investing in training courses, new and upgraded 3D Design Software which allows the Technical Department to carry out stress analysis on individual components prior to production.
The previous 28 meters model, DA328, is mounted on 5,6-ton truck that is able to reach 28 meters height, 16 meters working outreach with 225 Kg SWL. From the combination between the experience and the new software Socage has created the Forste 28D, the first 28m double articulated platform mounted on 3,5T Chassis which allows anybody with a driving license to hire it. The Forste 28D is able to reach 28m working height, the SWL is 300 kg, the maximum outreach is 14 m and it has electro-hydraulic controls.
This platform is ideal for the city centre as it is extremely compact (6690 mm travelling length and 2100 mm width with front and rear H frame outriggers) and allows the operator to optimize the stabilization area in order to obtain the best possible performance of the platform.