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New Terex Crawler Crane performs in Trio Lift of Stör River Bridge

ITZEHOE/GERMANY, September 16, 2013 - This past August was an important milestone for the region’s infrastructure: Crane service providers Ulferts & Wittrock, Wagenborg Nedlift, and Sarens worked together to lift a 120-meter-long tied-arch bridge onto 20-meter-tall piers, closing a gap in the expansion project for the A23 motorway between Hamburg and Heide. In order to perform this challenge over the river Stör, the companies relied on a trio of Terex crawler cranes: Wagenborg with its CC 2500-1; Sarens with its CC 6800; and Ulferts & Wittrock with its new Superlift 3800, which was on its first assignment for the company.

Terex crawler cranes in action at the Stör River Bridge

Stör River Bridge near Itzehoe: A new job story site for Terex Crawler Crane Trio. | photo: Terex

Despite the complexity involved in performing a lift with three cranes, Ulferts & Wittrock focused on one main criterion when deciding on which crane to use for the project: “This new crane allowed us to eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of having to build an auxiliary structure,” explains Albert Schrör. Before the cranes started their work, however, the 1,200-tonne bridge first had to be positioned so that it would be ready to be lifted ¬- a process that also required considerable effort. During the first step, two modular heavy haulage vehicles moved the steel giant to the designated place on the river bank, where a pontoon waited. The vehicle in the front then drove onto the pontoon together with the bridge, after which the rear vehicle pushed the pontoon, together with its load, to the other side of the river, where yet another one of the heavy haulers was ready to “receive” it.

Once the bridge was placed exactly where it needed to be and was aligned parallel to the piers, the teams were able to sling the load. On one side of the river, the Sarens team setup their CC 6800 crane with a stationary SSL 50 m configuration, which picked up 600 tonnes of the bridge’s weight. On the opposite bank, Wagenborg’s team setup their CC 2500-1 crane with an SSL 42 configuration and equally split and picked up the remaining 600 tonnes with Ulferts & Wittrock’s new Superlift 3800. The Superlift 3800 crane was set up with an SSL 42 m configuration featuring a 42-meter main boom and a superlift tray. The counterweight was 100 tonnes on the vario-superlift tray and 150 tonnes on the superstructure. In addition, the crane was equipped with a vario-hook with ten-part reeving for this specific lift. The new crane, designed for cost-effective transport, only needed 20 trucks to bring all of the crane’s components to the jobsite. For example, the superstructure, with the assembled carbody, fit on a single transport vehicle. This not only eliminated the need for an additional truck, but also helped the team save time during setup.