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New Transport Fleet strengthens Harsco’s Customer Service Capabilities

MANCHESTER/UK, December 6, 2013 - The latest move by Harsco Infrastructure to invest in a new fleet of delivery vehicles, fork lift trucks, cars and vans underlines the company’s commitment to providing the highest standards of support to its customers throughout the UK.

Harsco Infrastructure with new lift trucks

Harsco Infrastructure has invested in a new fleet of delivery vehicles, fork lift trucks, cars and vans which underlines the company’s commitment to its customers throughout the UK.

Leading the way is Harsco’s 19-strong fleet of new range of DAF CF commercial vehicles, which are now being used to deliver the access, formwork and industrial maintenance solutions which the company provides. These are operating out of our 9 UK depots. Nine of them are 26-ton rigid chassis vehicles and the remainder are tractor and trailer units.
The 19 new vehicles are equipped with PM 28.5 cranes for loading and unloading.

Harsco has also been keen to ensure that environmental concerns are addressed by the new fleet. Although the vehicles have been specified with large engines, they are all speed-limited to 50 mph. This will limit emissions and also generate approximately 20% better fuel economy than some of the company’s previous vehicles.

“There are many pleasing aspects to our new transport fleet,” adds Steve Farmer, Managing Director, Harsco Infrastructure UK.  “We have taken a great deal of care over every aspect of the vehicles so that we can carry out our delivery operations safely and efficiently. The new commercial vehicles are also complemented by the 40 new Caterpillar fork lift trucks introduced in yards to help with the loading and off-loading of material, and the fleet of 140 new cars and vans which we are going to introduce into Harsco’s transport pool by 2015.”