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Nine Terex CTT  Flat Top Tower Cranes For One Nation

CLAYES SOUS BOIS/FRANCE, June 13, 2013 – Tower crane rental and service provider Loga is currently operating nine Terex CTT Flat Top Tower Cranes as part of the construction of the One Nation Paris project - in response to the needs of general construction company Spie SCGPM (Spie Batignolles Group).

The state-of-the-art One Nation outlet center jobsite situated in Plaisir on the western outskirts of Paris,  covers an area of 24.000 m² (258,333  yd²), of which two levels will be underground. The project includes 140 luxury-branded home, sportswear and fashion clothing stores, four restaurants, a spa, and gardens under a glass-roofed canopy. Behind the scenes, the project involves the use of one hundred per cent recycled materials - notably glass, concrete, aluminum, steel and wood.

Terex CTT Flat Top Tower Cranes

Terex CTT Flat Top Tower Cranes in action at the job site. | photo: Terex

Delivering intensive performance on time

The LOGA team chose eight Terex CTT 331-16T and one Terex CTT 231-10T flat top tower crane models to handle the intensive, heavy-lifting task of hoisting, placing and pouring the estimated 1.100 t  (1,212 US t) of steel and 17.000m³ (600,340 ft³) of concrete required to complete the construction of the building’s framework. 
Due to the presence of a nearby airport, LOGA erected the cranes progressively between May and August last year and equipped them all with aircraft light signals.  With heights ranging from 28,4 m (93.3 ft) to 50,2 m (165 ft), the cranes were erected free-standing on a base, or secured in concrete foundations, and configured with jibs ranging from 35 m to 60 m (115 to 197 ft) in length. The cranes’ heaviest lifting duties involve hoisting 15 m (49 ft) pre-cast concrete segments weighing up to 9 t (10 US t) each. Well into their 15 month mission, LOGA is operating all nine cranes together at a strong steady pace and according to schedule.

Capitalizing on innovative and energy-saving resources

Besides using recycled materials, the One Nation concept is also designed to operate with high energy efficiency. A first in France, a water loop will recuperate and redistribute the energy produced by a nearby computer data center to heat the outlet’s stores - without generating additional CO2 emissions or relying on additional energy sources. For additional energy efficiency, 14.000 m² (160.695 ft²) of photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the building.
The Center is expected to open on October 2013 and attract more than 5 million visitors during its first year.