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No more Downtime with Flexco Systems

ROSENFELD/GERMANY, March 12, 2014 - Flexco is the leading international provider of mechanical belt fastening systems, vulcanizing presses, belt cleaners, belt positioners, impact beds and pulley lagging for light- and heavy-duty applications. With its mechanical belt fasteners, the specialist provides solutions that enable the operators of conveyor systems, such as those used in coal mines, steelworks and the wood processing industry, to considerably simplify their maintenance and repair work.

mechanical fasteners from Flexco

Simplify maintenance and repair work on conveyor systems and reduce maintenance costs: Flexco mechanical fasteners. | photo: Flexco Europe GmbH

Mechanical belt fasteners can be installed and removed more easily, faster and more independently of the weather than the common vulcanizing. This makes it possible to considerably reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Faults and machine failures on conveyor systems often lead to lengthy downtime. Production and delivery can come to a complete standstill. For many operators, this often involves high costs, especially considering the international competition. When conveyors are damaged, service personnel usually need to get them up and running again, although such personnel are not always immediately available on site. So far, conveyors were generally vulcanized in order to repair them. This can often take between four to six hours. The end of the belts have to be prepared and specially treated for this purpose. In some cases, it is no longer possible to splice older and worn belts. With Flexco's mechanical belt fasteners, however, the belts can be spliced in less than an hour - depending on the belt width and thickness. The operator's maintenance personnel can install the fasteners easily and quickly. All that is required is a portable installation tool, a hammer, a power tool or a wrench.

The specialists at Flexco use the right type of fastener for each application: sand and gravel plants, foundries, the cement or wood industry, in recycling plants, or for underground mining. These fasteners can be used for belts between 3 and 30 mm thick and with a nominal belt tensile strength of up to 2,500 Newton/mm. To ensure the splice has the longest possible service life, the company always chooses the material that suits best the specific environmental and operating conditions. Operators are thus offered efficient solutions tailored to their needs - in humid environments, for example, or where conveyor belts are subject to considerable wear or corrosion.

Depending on the application, Flexco offers two types of conveyor belt fastener systems: hinged or solid plate. Hinged fasteners are suitable for belts that need to be frequently changed, cleaned or renewed. They can easily be separated by releasing the hinge pin. Additionally, these fasteners can be used for belts with different thicknesses. Another advantage of hinged fasteners with pin is that belts can be prepared in the workshop prior to installation. Solid plate fasteners are used in installations with large pulleys or in cases where high wear resistance and fastener strength are required.