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Nooteboom delivers Order worth Millions to ALE

WIJCHEN/NETHERLANDS, August 20, 2013 - ALE, one of the world’s largest heavy transportation and lifting companies, recently placed an order worth millions with Nooteboom Trailers for 16 vehicles for the transport of wind turbine parts. Almost all the (mostly 8-axle) extendible semi low-loaders and 4-axle Quatro extendible Telesteps have by now been delivered and put to work to carry out the very complex logistics of this operation.

transportation of wind turbine parts on a semi low-loader from nooteboom

Loading a tower piece on the 8-axle Nooteboom semi low-loader at Saldanha bay (Western Cape), 140 km northern of Cape Town. | photo: Royal Noteboom Group

ALE will be erecting wind turbines in the Eastern-Cape and West-Coast regions of South Africa. It concerns several wind farms with all together more than 200 wind turbines manufactured by, among others, Suzlon, Nordex and Vestas. The components of these turbines are transported over land from various ports to their destinations.  Jan Yntema, Director – South Africa: “We can see important long-term opportunities in South-Africa for wind energy and therefore we made sure to choose the best trailers there are for this application. For us this meant Nooteboom Trailers, because they are widely known to set the trend in innovative solutions for the transport of wind turbines.  The superior quality, the specific adjustments for South Africa and the after-service they offer have been the deciding factors here”.

Nooteboom semi low-loader in action

Nooteboom delivers more than 16 trailers, amongst them the 4-axle triple extendible Telestep, to ALE for the transport of wind turbine parts. | photo: Royal Noteboom Group