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The "spectecular" Oscar goes to Doka GmbH

AMSTETTEN/AUSTRIA, March 6, 2015 - Ahead of the awards for the best movies of the year just ended, trade and industry has staged a prestigious awards ceremony of its own. The US Business Oscar is awarded for outstanding achievement by companies active in the US market. This year, the prize in the "Spectacular" category was carried back to Austria by the Doka Group.

Doka´s innovative automatic climbing formwork was used for the construction of the highest residential building in the western hemisphere, New York´s 432 Park Avenue Tower. But also for the more than 1.1 km long tunnel underneath the Elizabeth River, the reconstruction of the World Trade Center and the highest bridge in Virginia, technology from Austria was applied. There are even some more ongoing construction projects in the US where the Doka Group is contributing products and services made in Austria.

formwork from Doka used at the construction site of the Midtown Tunnel

Technologies from Doka are used at the construction site of the Second Midtown Tunnel underneath the Elizabeth River. | photo: Doka GmbH

The family-owned company not only offers formwork systems with automatic climbing technology for high-rise builds, but also free cantilever travellers for bridge-building and innovative tunnel formwork. Today, the Doka Group does business in more than 70 contries around the globe, but the US market is generally considered the most challenging.

"Our entry into the US market almost 20 years ago was a key part of our strategy of international expansion and the right decision to take. That's proved by the increasing demand for our products and services and the continuing growth rates. The construction industry in the USA has recovered perceptibly and the outlook continues positive. [...]", as Dr. Andreas J. Ludwig, Executive Officer Doka Group Engineering & Production, reports.

The Austrian Foreign Trade Center Los Angeles presents the USABizAward, the "Business Oscar", as it is also known, for outstanding achievement by Austrian companies on the US market. This year the US Business Oscars are awarded in five separate categories for the 5th time in succession.