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Paschal Modular Formwork for Residential Area in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD/INDIA, September 18, 2013 - One of the most important locations of the globally active Indian IT and software industry is Hyderabad, the city with 8 million residents in the south east of India. The largest concentration of IT companies is in the district of Madhapur. This is where the residential park Abhra is currently being built, initially with 387 upper class apartments in five residential blocks.

Use of the modular universal formwork at a construction site in Hyderabad

Foundation block. An easy task for the MODULAR UNIVERSAL FORMWORK. It is easy to connect the elements to each other and they remain friction-locked. |  photo:  Formwork India Pvt. Ltd.

The Project

The premium residential park Abhra is being realised by My Home Constructions Pvt. Ltd.. This company has already carried out numerous similar large-scale projects and is a subsidiary of the My Home Group, to which the largest concrete works in South India belong.
My Home Abhra is being built on 5 acres of land in the centre of Madhapur with, first of all, 5 high-rise buildings with a total of 387 apartments. The plans, however, foresee 20 buildings.
Construction work began on 7 October 2012 and should be completed in April 2015. The value of the project is assessed at 4 billion Indian rupees (approx. 56 million euro).

construction of walls in Hyderabad with the help of the modular universal formwork

The walls of the basement floor are built on the base plate. The long steel reinforcing bars are for the connection to the following floor. The workers had internalised the principles of formwork after a short period. |  photo:  Formwork India Pvt. Ltd.

Concrete Formwork

The base plate lies on rows of individual foundations. The buildings are built in frame construction. The Modular/GE Universal Formwork by Paschal is used for all vertical surfaces. This includes foundations, support, basement floor as well as building walls and stairwells and lift shafts but also beams. The slab formwork system Paschal-Deck is used for all horizontal surfaces (building slabs).  A total of 1186 m² of formwork is on the building site. Each use of a wall formwork is repeated 132 times; the work on a slab of a building takes a total of about twelve days per storey.
Paschal India drew up the formwork drawings and the logistics for building site material so that the customer was aware at all times when, where and with what he had to work in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency.
“Buy less and use more” is the strategy that, however, only functions with stable and very diversely applicable and combinable systems, which can adapt to different architectural specifications.
Before starting the building site work, the staff of the contractor, My Home Constructions, was prepared by Paschal India for their tasks in seminars.

use of slab formwork at the construction site in Hyderabad

Slab formwork with wooden beams, slab props and plywood. |  photo:  Formwork India Pvt. Ltd.

The Modular/GE Universal

The Modular/GE Universal Formwork is one of the most formwork systems throughout the world. Due to its unique choice of different element heights and widths, it is the most diversified formwork system. The formwork can be adapted to the necessary architecture down to the last 1 cm. Time-consuming adjustments due to remaining lengths to be done by the contractor are thus not necessary, which saves time, material and effort. Numerous accessories (hinged corner posts, rectangular corner posts, etc.) complement the portfolio in a great way.
Across the globe, this Formwork is mainly used for foundations, no-crane building sites, shafts, stairways, polygonal shapes, columns, beams and prefabricated concrete parts as well as everywhere where conventional formwork systems are too large-scale, for example in narrow stairways or angled components, etc. In most other parts of the world, it is used as an affordable and conventional wall formwork for plant, industrial and residential construction incl. high-rise buildings.
The Modular Formwork has a 15 mm thick, 11-ply plywood that can be nailed into made from sustainable cultivated Finnish birch. The frame comprises a robust, high quality steel grid frame, which is easy to clean and repair.
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