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Peri Scaffolding Holds New Airbus A350

ERDING/GERMANY, May 12, 2015 – Before a new aircraft model receives its approval for commercial use, the manufacturer needs to simulate the forces of an entire aircraft life cycle. The scaffolding solution for the test rack needed to be flexible to adapt to different working levels for fuselage and wings.

Airbus A350 XWB fatigue test facility in Erding

Airbus A350 fatigue test facility: The aircraf fuselage is hidden behind the adaptable Peri scaffolding. | photo: Peri

Metric grid also applies to stairs

Heights raning between 7 and 10 metres
need to be reached with the help of the
scaffolding. | photo: Peri

Although the maiden flight of the new long-haul Airbus A350 took place in June 2013, numerous tests still have to carried out. These qualification measures also include the simulation of a complete aircraft service life. With the airframe fatigue test, 88 servo-hydraulic cylinders are used for systematic application of stress to the rear fuselage section along with both wings. The simulation represents 86,400 flights, which is three times the intended service life. Using a so-called extra wing test, which is carried out in parallel, stress is also applied to a test wing by means of 41 cylinders. In addition to the fatigue loads, a systematic application of stress is realized through to the analytical breaking load.

3D simulation created first

With the help of Peri CAD, the scaffold solution was planned and visualized in a detailed 3D format. Consequently, the 2.00 m x 1.50 m basic grid was determined at a very early stage. Through this procedure, any obstructions could be identified and minimized well in advance. At the same time, Peri engineers achieved an optimal adjustment of the working levels required for the fuselage and wings – whilst taking into account the steel and hydraulic constructions as well as ensuring that all access points were kept clear.

Wing test at Airbus A350 faitgue test facility

How far can you bend a carbon fibre wing until it breaks? | photo: Peri

Easy and flexible

Peri says its scaffolding solution is easy to
mount and flexible. | photo: Peri

Metric grid for higher compatibility

The detailed concept developed by the scaffolding specialists featured a 2.5 kN/m² live load. According to the manufacturer, the metric grid of the Peri Up Rosett Flex was a great advantage for all adjustment areas: this meant that all modifications could be realized with system components – without time-consuming tube and coupler assembly. Furthermore, the access technology with 1 m wide flights of stairs was well integrated in the Peri Up scaffold solution and metric system grid.

The aircraft structural tests on twin-engine wide-bodied Airbus A350 are taking place in a specially built test hall on the Erding military airfield. Length and width of the hall is 71 m with a height reaching almost 30 m.