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Precise Planning, reliable Equipment: ETAL moves Transformers with Scheuerle InterCombi

PFEDELBACH/GERMANY, July 24, 2013 - Egyptian Transportation & Logistics (ETAL) transported six transformers from two Red Sea ports to the Giza North Power Station on Scheuerle InterCombi. Due to the precise project planning of ETAL and safe and reliable equipment, obstacles could be mastered and the transport arrived in time at its destination safely.

Egyptian transportation & Logistics (ETAL) transportating transformers to the Giza North Power Station

Unevenness or extreme temperatures – the SCHEUERLE InterCombi can handle heavy situations without any difficulties | photo: TII

Egytrans, mother company to ETAL, has been a leading provider of integrated global transport services and solutions in Egypt since 1973. In addition to transporting cargo of exceptional weight or dimensions, ETAL provides a number of services to its customers and guarantees an in-time transport, even if the circumstances are challenging. In this case they were in fact difficult – a first check proved, that the only way to get the transformers to the job site involved partly barging over the Nile River from the Tibin jetty to the Khatatba temporary jetty and finally transporting them on Scheuerle InterCombi to the job site itself. The six transformers of 146.5 tons each made the transport a tough task, due to the difficult road situations. Especially uneven surfaces challenged the equipment – no problem for the InterCombi with its 650 mm axle compensation.

Transporation of transformers on Scheuerle InterCombi to the Giza North Power Station in Egypt

Arrival at Tibin jetty on SCHEUERLE InterCombi | photo: TII

The transport started in Sokhna and Adabiya Ports on the Red Sea. The first destination was Tibin jetty, where the 7.42 m x 4.31 m x 5.10 m sized transformers were brought to on 14 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi. At Tibin jetty, the transformers were loaded on a river barge with a crawler crane. The barge moved the transformers up the Nile to Khatatba temporary jetty, an offloading facility near Giza power station, built especially for ETAL. At Khatatba temporary jetty, the transformers were stored and afterwards transported to the Giza North power station site.

transformers transported on Scheuerle InterCombi

Offloading of the transformers at Giza North Power Station  | photo: TII

Regardless uneven roads or extreme temperatures experienced in the desert - InterCombi platform trailers have been designed to deal with the challenge of both long-distance transport on the road and special operating conditions. The modular design provides an extensive selection of transportation solutions which are based on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8- axle platform trailers. These can be coupled both longitudinally and laterally. With a 36 t technical axle load, the InterCombi is suitable for the safe transport of heavy loads and offers sufficient reserves through the robust construction of the frame, also with extreme loads. As an extension of the series, the InterCombi PB (Power Booster) is available which is equipped with activatable drive axles and, if required, is driven likewise by a activatable PowerPack Unit (PPU), e.g. for gradients - without the use of an additional tractor.