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Preprufe Waterproofing System protects Dublin’s €410 million Aviva Stadium

DUBLIN/IRELAND, July 15, 2013 - At the €410 million Aviva Stadium in Dublin, more than 8,000m2 of Grace’s Preprufe waterproofing membrane was chosen to deliver outstanding levels of watertightness – enhancing the company’s reputation and proven track record for delivering waterproof protection at the world’s most important structures.

Preprufe Waterproofing System at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin

Aviva Stadium in Dublin, hosting major sporting and music events as well as 51, 700 spectators. | photo: CFA Marketing Communications

Designed by architects Populous and Scott Tallon Walker to provide an impressive new home for international rugby and football in Ireland, the building was also built to work in harmony with the local community and ensure minimal environmental impact. Completed in 2010, the Aviva stadium has welcomed a new era of stadium construction by combining contemporary design elements with the versatility to host major sporting and music events. With long term waterproofing performance, reliability and success at high-profile projects worldwide, Preprufe offered an ideal solution to ensure waterproof protection under the stands and beneath slabs in all the stadium’s habitable areas.
Preprufe is an advanced membrane system which offers safe and reliable waterproofing option. Designed with synthetic adhesive layers, Grace’s patented Advanced Bond Technology enables concrete to aggressively adhere to Preprufe, forming a unique intimate seal which prevents any water migration between the waterproofing and the structure, substantially reducing the risk of leaks.
Utilising an advanced acrylic surface coating developed by Grace, the Preprufe membrane also simplifies the installation process by removing multiple layers and complicated detailing. Protective layers of concrete or boards are eliminated, reducing the depth of excavation and spoil, whilst the number of materials to be sourced are minimised.
Grace completed the specification with 7,000m2 of Bituthene 8000 self adhesive waterproofing membrane. Applied to the retaining walls around the stadium stands, the ultra-tough Bituthene membrane has been tested to withstand more than 70 metres head of water when fully supported, so will ensure the watertight continuity of Grace’s fully bonded waterproofing system.
As well as the extensive application to the main stadium areas set to host 51,700 spectators, Grace also provided waterproofing protection to the pedestrian underpass and access tunnel into underground car park.