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Process-optimized Ways by Variolock  Quick-Change System

BADEN-BADEN/GERMANY, July 10, 2013 - Excavators have evolved more and more into multi-tasking machines in recent years. This has been made possible through the rapid development of quickcoupler systems, like the fully hydraulic Variolock system from Lehnhoff  Hartstahl located in Baden-Baden/Germany. Thus, the processes on construction sites may be optimized, preventing the need for several excavators on a construction site.

Variolock presents new mashines

The Variolock quick change system VL1000 provides up to 1,500 l / min oil flow with minimal pressure loss standards in the heavy-duty class. | photo: Lehnhoff


Process optimization is a must on construction sites today. Only with an optimized timing device can contractors successfully counter the high costs involved. The fully hydraulic quickcoupler Variolock system from Lehnhoff brings  flexibility to the construction site.
An excavator equipped with the Variolock system can handle multiple tasks in rapid succession, and is a universal tool carrier. Idle times are a thing of the past for the excavator, for example when loading trucks. It must no longer stand idly waiting for the next truck, but simply changes the next hydraulic or non-hydraulic attachment within seconds. From grabs to hammers, demolition shears, tilt buckets, compactors, and much more. This rapid change is carried out by pushing a button from the driver's cab and also worthwhile for short work cycles.


The tool change is easily controlled by pushing a button from the driver's cab, and all the functions of the hydraulic tools are available immediately after the change. This is made possible by the fully hydraulic circuit and energy-coupling system with innovative valve clamping technology that distinguishes the Variolock.
Five integrated valves open over an extremely short hub of only 3.5 to 5 millimeters. Through this "heart" the maximum amount of oil flows within short time. With the detection tool recognition, operating pressure and flow rate is set automatically.


The Variolock quickcoupler systems from Lehnhoff Hartstahl are designed and equipped for tough job-site applications. They also cope easily with  torsional moments as they occur during demolition, for example. Short-stroke valves are also a proprietary development from Lehnhoff.


Short-lift valves

Short-lift valves developed by Lehnhoff in Variolock systems offer maximum oil flow. Thus, all hydraulic functions are available immediately. | photo: Lehnhoff


The self-contained Variolock system with its flow-optimized valve geometry is based on the Lehmatic Quickcoupler from Lehnhoff, which has been proven over 100,000 times. When changing to Variolock, which is available for all excavators from 2 to 130 tons, a modification of Lehnhoff-attachments not required. The system is also designed to be very low-maintenance, so that downtime can be minimized.
A nice "side effect" of Variolock of the system performance is reduced energy consumption. Since these quick release mechanisms work with minimal power loss, less fuel is consumed accordingly. In other words, the excavator can do more per liter of diesel.