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Returning into the Spotlight: Kögel’s Extended Euro Trailer

BURTENBACH/GERMANY, August 9, 2013 - The Kögel Euro Trailer, extended by 1.3 metres, has returned into the spotlight in the current debate concerning moderate extensions in trailers. The EU Commission is currently reporting on the modification of the relevant Guideline 96/53/EU. This confirms the Kögel Euro Trailer concept.

Kögel Euro Trailer compared to the standart trailer

photo: Comparison standard semi-trailer combination, semi-trailer combination with extended trailer and Long Truck. | photo: Kögel

Experiences with, and Obstacles for, the Kögel Euro Trailer

Kögel has offered the trailer, extended by 1.3 metres, in various different body variants for seven years. Even before the field trials for innovative commercial vehicles, around 300 Kögel Euro Trailer, at that time still called the "Big Maxx", were running on german roads with exception permits. Whilst the 300 extended trailers continue to run inconspicuously on roads throughout Germany with exception permits, all newly registered Euro Trailers since the start of 2012 are included in the field trials for innovative commercial vehicles. For this reason, these extended trailers and the long truck, which is 7.45 metres longer, are only allowed to run in the participating federal states of Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia, and on approved routes in Bremen and Baden-Wurtemberg. The single benefit: The Euro Trailer is permitted to use the entire road network in the participating states.

Further Features of the Kögel Euro Trailer

With a length of 14.9 metres, the capacity of the Euro Trailer increases by 10 m³, making it both more economical and more environmentally friendly. With stacked loading this allows you to transport up to eight more pallets. This results in a substantial reduction in fuel consumption per pallet transported. A ten percent lower CO2 emission rate with the same fuel consumption as compared with a standard trailer is confirmed by RWTH Aachen/Prof. Wallentowitz. The extended trailer thus represents a solution for dealing with ever increasing transport volumes. Since the Euro Trailer is also shorter than a standard articulated combination there is a positive effect on traffic safety and on existing infrastructure, such as parking facilities. The Kögel Euro Trailer reduces transport costs, saves fuel, minimises CO2 emissions and increases the efficiency of forwarding operations.

Flexible Application – even in combined Transport

In accordance with the requirements of the field trials for innovative commercial vehicles, the Euro Trailers can be provided with railway codification for loading onto pocket wagons types c/e/f/g/h. Its structure conforms to body stability requirements set by DIN EN 12642 Code XL. In addition, the Euro Trailers have "Long Truck" warning signs, relevant contour marking and a camera system at the rear for watching the traffic behind.