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Ruukki Hiarc - the new common Name for Ruukki's Steel Façade Coatings

HELSINKI/FINLAND, January 24, 2014 - Ruukki is to use the name Hiarc for all its façade coatings. Steel facade coatings which were earlier known as PVDF, PVDF matt and PVDF HB will henceforth be renamed Hiarc, Hiarc matt and Hiarc max. The Hiarc product family also includes Hiarc reflect, a coating that reflects the sun's heat radiation, which was launched in November this year. Ruukki's Hiarc (High-Architectural Colour Coatings) coatings have all been formulated especially for the façades of buildings of a high architectural standard.

Applications for Hiarc coated steels are sandwich panels, cladding panels and design profiles. The newest coating in the Hiarc product family is Ruukki Hiarc reflect, which is the first functional façade coating launched by Ruukki. The colour pigment in Hiarc reflect has been developed so that the building surface reflects the sun's heat radiation and thus keeps the building cooler than would be the case using a conventional colour coating. With its good resistance to UV radiation and other climatic rigours, Hiarc reflect retains its original colour and gloss without fading, and also stays clean.

"PVDF is the name of the coating bonding agent that all manufacturers have used also as their product name. The change of name to Hiarc is intended to communicate to customers that it is specifically the long-lasting, quality, façade coatings made by Ruukki that give buildings their enduring, impressive look," says Olli Hurskainen, VP, Coated products, Special Steels, at Ruukki.

The Hiarc product family includes Hiarc semi-gloss, Hiarc matt, and Hiarc max, for demanding climatic conditions, and Hiarc reflect. All coatings in Ruukki's Hiarc product family are manufactured using a chromium-free process.