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SMOPYC endures, waiting for Industry to recover

ZARAGOZA/SPAIN, April 14, 2014 - The 16th edition of SMOPYC, the International Trade Fair for Public Works Construction and Mining Machinery, that ended last April 5 fulfilled the expectations of exhibitors. The number of undertakings that took part (720, from 28 different countries) and of visitors (48,000 professionals) confirmed that the leading fair for the industry in Southern Europe is still going strong.

The fair was featured initially by a fall in the number of exhibitor undertakings, with little business expected to be done, yet it ended with widespread satisfaction among participants who finally were visited by 48,000 professionals interested in learning about the latest developments in an industry that has been facing difficulties for several years now. When the event ended, both the exhibitors themselves and the organization said the results achieved were better that expected, and were convinced that this edition “had become a turning point and a launch lever for an industry that drives the creation of new job opportunities and wealth”.

Camoplast Solideal stall at the SMOPYC 2014

SMOPYC 2014 has been a transitional edition strategically aimed at foreign markets that has sown hopes of a recovery of the industry. This could summarise the outcome of the sixteenth edition of SMOPYC, whose doors closed at the Saragossa Fair grounds last April 5, after five days of trading activity. | photo: SMOPYC

Going Global is the Key

The undertakings that have survived have done so thanks to their ability to respond and adjust to the difficult environment, focusing on a strategy of boosting export sales as the only way to grow or to survive. This effort must continue over time, as export sales currently account for about 80% of the turnover of Spanish undertakings that operate in the Public Works and Construction Machinery industry. The percentage is expected to remain unchanged in the next few years. Therefore, always outward looking, SMOPYC has concentrated in this edition, described as one of “transition” into the world market, on accompanying and supporting the undertakings in the process of going global and penetrating new markets.

By organizing trade missions, hand in hand with the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Construction, Public Works and Mining Machinery (ANMOPYC), the fair has enabled the undertakings to become aware of their own strengths and test their ability to do business throughout the whole world, building trade links with foreign countries on site, at the fair itself. The reverse trade missions organized by SMOPYC 2014 included representatives from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Ecuador, Indonesia, Russia, Belarus, Kuwait, Sudan, South Africa, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia and Ethiopia.

SMOPYC 2014 figures

The fair was arranged by branches of the industry among five pavilions where the latest innovations were shown in building, elevator and maintenance machines and auxiliary equipment, industrial and haulage vehicles, aggregates and concrete, as well as in earth-moving and road-building infrastructures, compacting and drilling as well as parts, spares, accessories and services. Of the total number of participant undertakings, 41.5% were Spanish and the rest, 58.5%, from other countries. There was a strong presence of undertakings from Italy (18.38% of the total), and Germany (10.31%), followed by those from the UK (5.60%), France (3.58%), Netherlands and the United States (3.36% each). In addition, there were exhibitors from Austria, Belgium, Netherland, Ireland, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan and New Zealand.

SMOPYC 2014 housed the stands of 720 exhibitors from 28 countries

The exhibition area of 55,000 square meters, of SMOPYC 2014 housed the stands of 720 exhibitors from 28 countries. | photo: SMOPYC

Next meet at Saragossa: SMOPYC 2017

Looking ahead with the conviction that the roughest part of the journey has been left behind, the SMOPYC Organization will be working non-stop for the next three years. The aim for the forthcoming 2017 edition is for the fair to achieve the growth it deserves after standing fast for more than 35 years by an industry that, at last, is beginning to show signs of recovery. SMOPYC will not take a complacent approach and will direct all its efforts towards giving the event a world standing, taking part in all international forums, tapping synergies and collaborating with others as well as redefining its strategy so that SMOPYC ranks once again among the prime specialist fairs in the world for the public works and construction machinery industry.

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