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Sennebogen presents the 8130 EQ: 75% more energy efficient thanks to its technology

STRAUBING / GERMANY, May 29, 2013 - A new dimension in energy efficiency – the Sennebogen 8130 EQ demonstrates its credentials as a balance material handling machine through its energy efficiency and excellent value for money. The latest product development from Sennebogen is consistently balanced in any situation and guarantees minimal energy and running costs in daily use, both on the scrapyard and in port material handling, thanks to the classic lever principle behaviour. The first machine will be delivered in 2013 to a costumer in Germany.

The 8130 EQ with electric motor operates environmentally friendly and efficient, both in scrap handling and port material handling. An adjustable counterweight means that the machine remains balanced in any position and the centre of gravity stays central. This EQ (equilibrium) principle enables the machine to constantly remain balanced. Thanks to the directly linked counterweight, minimal energy usage provides sufficient drive even for large reaches and high loads.


The more effecient 8130 EQ made by Sennebogen

An improvement on the classic lever rule behaviour: The Sennebogen 8130 EQ remains consistently balanced in any working position due to its balance technology. | photo: Sennebogen

Sophisticated balance technology and electric motor: 75% savings

The way it works is simple. The whole machine can be controlled using just two cylinders. A bar running parallel to the boom connects the jib to the rear counterweight and ensures effective transmission of power. During every operating movement, the counterweight is held in balance in a similar way to classic lever principle behaviour. In this way, it takes almost no energy at all to move the machine. Even for heavy loads and high reaches, only the loads attached must be moved and driven – an enormous saving in terms of effort and energy. Savings in running costs and energy costs of up to 50% can be achieved by using this sophisticated balance concept. As an electric machine, the 8130 EQ uses just 25% of the energy required by similar diesel-powered machinery.

The new 8130 EQ is particularly well suited for use in port material handling and on the scrapyard as well as for logging. The balance technology shows off its strengths in all situations where bulk goods or large quantities of scrap need to be handled cost-effectively. With a bearing load of 5 t and a reach of 27 m, a stationary machine can easily operate in an area of around 2,300 sq m. Additional material can be piled up to a height of 25 m. Several working steps can still be carried out with optimum logistics from a central position. A clear view is guaranteed thanks to the pylon structure and the raised cab position.
From ships to handysize-class vessels, the Sennebogen 8130 can unload goods up to a depth of 8 m and can bear a load of up to 10 t.

Proven technology and product developments – Mastercab is an ideal cabin

Sennebogen represents individual, customer-specific solutions and a wide range of equipment options is always possible. From stationary underframes, crawler chassis or rail solutions to pontoon constructions. The machine is also available as an option with a 151/164 kW Cummins diesel engine. In cabin on the 8130, the driver not only has a clear view, but all the adjustments can be made centrally, current measurement readings can be taken and the driver is able to fine tune things himself using the clear display. The proven maXcab industrial comfort cabin allows the driver to get a good all-round view – an important safety factor – thanks to end-to-end tilted bullet proof glass and floor windows.

The interior, complete with air-suspended seat, complies with the most recent ergonomic standards. In addition to sliding windows and air conditioning, the Mastercab is the largest cabin in this machine class and is the first to be fitted with a spare foldaway seat. This means there is space for an instructor to sit for training purposes, where he can take an active role in instructing the driver. In comparison to the previous maXcab industrial cab, the optional cab is around 50% wider and 25% higher. For the driver this means the space has been almost doubled to over 6 cubic metres. Various storage solutions complete the top of its class interior in the new Mastercab and make it the perfect cab for demanding material handling. In the future, the Mastercab will be available as an option on Sennebogen machines from the 850 model upwards.